How to Post a Job on Facebook: The days when Facebook mostly featured jovial status updates and adorable pet videos are long gone. Facebook is now being used to advertise goods, sell goods, and fill job openings. Discover more!

How to Post a Job on FacebookNerdWallet estimates that 1.79 billion people use Facebook, with each user spending 40 minutes each day on the site. This offers firms a fantastic chance to locate and draw potential employment candidates.

Our straightforward article will show you how to list a job on Facebook for free in just three simple steps. Here’s how you can use Facebook right now to identify applicants.

NOTE: Jobs on Facebook will be going off as of February 22, 2024. The service won’t be accessible on the Facebook app or websites after that time.


3 Easy Steps on How to Post a Job on Facebook

Below are the 3 easy steps on how to post a job on Facebook:

1. Log In to Your Facebook Account

You must first log into your Facebook business account to advertise a job on Facebook.

Before you can post a job on Facebook, you must first create a Facebook Business profile if you don’t already have one. Log into your own Facebook account to complete this.

Go to the upper right corner and click the menu icon from there. Go to the “Create” column of the drop-down menu that appears and choose “Page.”

Then, adhere to the instructions to enter the necessary data and build your Facebook business page.

2. Go to “Manage Jobs” and Click “Create a Job”

Find the “Manage Jobs” button in the left-hand sidebar of the business page dashboard. Click this tab. You can manage past and present job postings (if any are available) on the screen that follows.

Click the blue “Create a Job” button at the top of the screen to publish a new job.

3. Provide Information About the Job

After clicking “Create a Job,” you will fill out the forms in the left sidebar with information about the position. Job title, full- or part-time status, and the job description are among the fields.

You can also provide details about the location, the wage, the perks, and the schedule.

On the right side of the screen, a job post preview will show the details you enter. This will show to you how users will see the job posting once it has been published.

Take your time with this stage since it is your chance to provide users with some information about the position and your business.

Be original to make yourself stand out in a crowd. You could want to ask workers what they like best about their work, then mention it in the job posting.

Consider including a video in the job posting along with a compelling photo that will attract candidates’ attention.

When you’re satisfied with the details offered and how the job posting appears, click “Next.”

By checking the relevant options, you can specify whether you want the job posting to display exclusively in Facebook’s Jobs area or also on your company’s Facebook profile.

Once you click “Post,” your job posting will appear on Facebook.

What to do After Posting a Job on Facebook

As with any social media site, the networking effect contributes to Facebook’s job posting strength. Encourage your staff to share the job posting on Facebook with their networks and to like the post as well.

That “thumbs up” button can help you find your next new employee.

After you’ve shared it with your network, you’ll want to keep an eye on the job posting. If there are applications, you should respond to them as soon as possible.

If you’re not receiving the candidates you want for the job, consider changing the job description. You may accomplish this by going to your Facebook business account and hitting the “Manage Jobs” option.

You may close the job ad from the “Manage Jobs” page once you’ve filled it or if your hiring requirements have changed.

Visitors to your company’s Facebook page and the Jobs platform on Facebook will no longer view the job post, but page admins will be able to amend or renew it.

Cost to Post a Job on Facebook

You may post a job on Facebook for free, but many people prefer to promote it so that it displays as an ad to more users.

If you elect to enhance your job posting, you will specify a budget for the ad with pay-per-click pricing.


How to Boost Your Job Post on Facebook

To acquire more eligible prospects, go to your company’s Facebook profile and click the “Ad Centre” button towards the bottom of the left sidebar. Then, under the right sidebar, click the “Create Ad” button.

Click “Boost a Post” and then choose the job posting you wish to promote.

Following that, you will identify your job posting’s target audience. You may narrow down the audience based on geography, hobbies, education, and other factors.

This can assist you narrow down the kind of individuals you’re looking for for this particular position.

Set the length and budget for the boosted job post, then click “Boost Post Now.”

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