March 4, 2024

Walmart Shopping Cart Trick: If you’re familiar with retail credit cards, you may have heard of the shopping cart trick. This method, which includes adding products to an online shopping cart in order to receive a credit card preapproval invitation, implies that you can be authorized for a credit card without undergoing a rigorous credit inquiry.

Walmart Shopping Cart TrickBecause hard credit pulls normally reduce your credit score by a few points, some people go to great lengths to avoid them, including utilizing the shopping cart method to apply for credit cards.

Does the shopping cart trick work? We do not think so. Although some people claim to use the shopping cart method to obtain authorized credit cards without a rigorous credit check, others report doing no such thing.

However, if it works for you, the shopping cart method may be an effective approach to obtaining pre-approvals for store cards.


What is Shopping Cart Trick?

The shopping card method allows you to apply for a retail store credit card without causing a hard credit pull on your credit record.

You’ll be more likely to be accepted because the credit card provider won’t see your entire credit history when you apply.

Another advantage of the shopping cart method is that it allows you to add a good-standing account to your credit report.

Furthermore, you can receive discounts from businesses where you spend regularly, such as a percentage off your purchase, gift cards throughout the year, or free products.

Find out how to use the shopping cart trick and whether it is appropriate for your financial position.

In many circumstances, it may be a beneficial tool for rebuilding your entire financial situation.

How Does The Shopping Cart Trick Work?

Now that you understand how the shopping cart technique might benefit you, especially if you have terrible credit, let’s talk about how to use it. But first, a disclaimer: these methods are not guaranteed to work every time.

Readers have had more success using certain shop credit cards than others. It may sometimes take a few attempts to get the proper offer to appear while you’re online.

So use your best judgment, and don’t be scared to try again if the first attempt fails.

1. Don’t Decline Credit Card Offers:

Before you do anything, ensure that you have not opted out of getting pre-screened offers from credit card firms.

You may have done this by calling 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) or visiting

The opt-out service allows you to stop getting pre-approval credit card offers by mail and phone.

While receiving so much junk mail might be frustrating, obtaining pre-screened offers is an essential component of the shopping cart trick.

If you haven’t explicitly opted out, you’re fine to go using the shopping cart technique. However, if you have opted out, you may easily opt back in by visiting the website or phoning the phone number.

Once you’ve been authorised for one or more credit cards, you can easily opt out to avoid receiving unsolicited offers in your mailbox.

2. Disable Pop-up Blockers:

The next step in using the shopping cart method is to disable any pop-ups or ad blockers installed on your Internet browser.

The shopping cart technique is based on the retail website giving you a pre-approval credit card offer while you are attempting to checkout online.

If you have any form of blocker turned on, you will not receive a shop credit card offer at the right time, even if you qualify for one! Go ahead and deactivate it.

You may turn it back on once you’ve finished utilising the shopping cart technique.

3. Join the Store’s Loyalty Program:

This step is optional. However, joining the store’s loyalty programme may improve your chances of receiving a pop-up pre-approval offer.

4. Clear your Browser History:

Before you visit your preferred store’s website (we’ll provide a list of approved retailers below), erase your browser history. This includes clearing your cache and cookies.

To accomplish this, browse to your browser’s menu bar and pick “History.” Alternatively, you may access the same page by pressing CTRL and H.

Next, click “Clear Browsing Data” and pick one of the following options: Browsing History, Download History, Cached Images and Files, or Cookies and Other Site Data.

If you wish to avoid all of those processes and use Google Chrome as your online browser, you may open an Incognito window.

You may locate this option in your browser’s options, or just press CTRL + Shift + N. Then you won’t have to worry about browser history interfering with your shopping cart trick.


5. Apply for a Credit Card at the Store Website

Use the list below to locate a retailer where you’d want to obtain a retail credit card. If you don’t already have an account, you may establish one or follow the steps as a guest. It is up to you.

Next, add a few goods to your shopping cart—don’t worry, you won’t buy them. Choose a few goods rather than a single major one, and aim for around $100 worth of merchandise.

After you’ve window-browsed, proceed to the checkout page.

During the checkout procedure, you will begin to enter your billing information as if you were about to purchase the products.

Do not click on the purchase or submit buttons. The main purpose here is to wait for a credit card offer to appear while you’re filling out the form.

Fill in your details slowly and avoid using autofill text to increase your chances of obtaining an offer. If a deal does not appear, adjust the items in your shopping basket and try again. Your efforts may only be rewarded if you hit the right combination.

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