December 3, 2023

How Many Jobs Are Available in Basic Industries: The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (USBLS) believes that there will be 24,504,000 jobs available in basic industries by the year 2022. Furthermore, this number is projected to increase by 2.7% during the following eight years. Keep reading.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Basic Industries:Since there are so many different industries that make up the vast field of basic industries, all of which produce goods that are used as raw materials to create finished goods or commodities, there are a tremendous number of jobs available in this sector.

Let’s take a closer look at the fundamental industries, their sorts, and the real occupations in the basic industries now that we are aware of the precise facts on the number of jobs available in these sectors.


What are Basic Industries?

The basic industries are those concerned with the discovery or development, extraction, processing, and distribution of raw materials for other industrial industries.

Because here is where the production cycle begins, basic industries are at the foundation of a healthy economy.

Types of Basic Industries and Jobs Available

The most common categories of basic industries are as follows:

1. Agricultural Industry

The agricultural sector is a key industry in practically every country and the primary source of all raw materials.

Farmlands grow and harvest agricultural crops such as vegetables, meat, dairy products, and other raw materials, which are subsequently provided to the economy’s non-agricultural businesses.

Furthermore, commercial agriculture is designed for export rather than consumption.

Available Jobs in Agriculture Industry
  • Agricultural Economist
  • Agronomist
  • Animal Scientist
  • Farm manager
  • Farmer
  • Horticulturalist
  • Soil Scientist

2. Forestry Industry

Another major business in a country’s economy is forestry. Forests have inherent worth, and they also assist to control the environment and the climate cycle.

However, their position as a fundamental industry is equally important since forests provide various raw resources such as lumber, medicinal plants, fuelwood, and so on.

Jobs in the forestry sector include forest planting and management, as well as raw material gathering and distribution.

Available Jobs in Forestry Industry
  • Environmental Safety Officer
  • Equipment operators (handheld and heavy)
  • Forest Manager or Silviculturists
  • Logger
  • Project manager
  • Truck drivers

3. Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Industry has no introduction because it was the foundation of the industrialization that began in the nineteenth century and led to the modern economy that we now live in.

Petroleum products, natural gases, and other raw materials from the oil and gas industry are vital in practically all other industrial businesses.

The oil and gas industry is divided into three levels: upstream, midstream, and downstream, and positions are available at various firms at each level.

Upstream companies are in charge of finding, extracting, or producing oil or gas. Mid-stream companies are in charge of transporting and storing goods.

Companies on the downstream level are to refine the oils and gases that will be refined into usable raw materials like gasoline, petrol, diesel, etc.

Available Jobs in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Geologist
  • Mechanic
  • Miners
  • Mining Engineer
  • Pipeline Technicians
  • Rig Operator

4. Steel Industry

Steel is an essential basic sector since it actually forms the backbone of a nation’s infrastructure and economy. Making steel, an alloy of steel and carbon, is a highly specialized process that calls for both knowledge and labor.

Available Jobs in the Steel Industry
  • Computer Specialists
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Machine and Vehicle Operators
  • Machine Operators
  • Metal Engineers
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Production Line workers and supervisors
  • Steel Worker

5. Paper and Pulp Industry

Although the paper and pulp company purchases raw materials from the forestry sector in the form of various types of paper, paperboards, pulp, etc., these products are used in several other sectors for a variety of purposes, including publication, packaging, cleaning, tissues, etc.

Available Jobs in the Paper and Pulp Industry
  • Chemists
  • Chemical and Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Machine Operators
  • Administrative and Accounting Jobs


6. Chemical Industry

The primary focus of the chemical industry is the transformation of raw materials into gases or chemicals that are utilized in other sectors of the economy.

The chemicals range from consumer products like soap, detergent, and bleaching powder to specialized compounds like dyes, paints, and insecticides.

Available Jobs in the Chemical Industry
  • Analytical Chemist
  • Chemical engineer
  • Chemical Plant Operator
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Hazardous waste material Handler
  • Laboratory technician
  • Researcher

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