March 4, 2024

The Bard College acceptance rate is one to consider if you are serious about gaining admission into Bard College. As you read through, we will be giving you a guide on the acceptance rate and the institution itself.

Bard College Acceptance Rate

Bard College Acceptance Rate

Bard College, situated in Red Hook, New York, is an outstanding private institution. It’s a relatively small college with an enrollment of 1,982 undergraduate students.

Admission to Bard is quite competitive, given its acceptance rate of 60%. Popular fields of study at Bard include Social Science Research Methods, Liberal Arts and Humanities, and Studio Arts.

After completing their education, 71% of Bard alumni begin their careers with a starting salary of $28,800.

In terms of the application process, Bard College maintains an acceptance rate of 60%, and the application deadline falls on January 1st.

When it comes to admission decisions at Bard College, the admissions officials assign significant importance to a student’s GPA as a key academic factor.

Additionally, if available, high school class rank is taken into consideration, and letters of recommendation carry substantial weight in the eyes of Bard College’s admissions team.


SAT and ACT Requirements

Each educational institution establishes its unique requirements concerning standardized testing. The majority of schools necessitate either the SAT or ACT, and some may additionally request SAT subject tests.

Bard College has not explicitly outlined a policy regarding SAT/ACT prerequisites. However, due to the publication of average SAT and ACT scores (which we’ll discuss shortly), it is probable that Bard College follows a test-flexible approach.

Typically, such schools advise applicants, saying, “If you believe your SAT or ACT score accurately represents your academic abilities, submit them; otherwise, you may choose not to.”

Notwithstanding this policy, it is a fact that most students still opt to take the SAT or ACT, and the majority of Bard College applicants do submit their test scores.

If you opt not to provide scores, you’ll have one less dimension to demonstrate your eligibility for admission compared to other candidates.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contemplate taking the SAT or ACT and performing well on it.


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