February 26, 2024

Amda Acceptance Rate: However, Amda college is one of the most renowned and sought-after performing arts colleges in the world the American Musical Dramatic Academy or AMDA.

Amda Acceptance Rate

It is currently regarded as having one of the most inventive and original programs.

About the AMDA

The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) is a private performing arts conservatory with campuses in Los Angeles, California, and New York City

The conservatory grants both two-year diplomas in professional performing and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. 

Acting, musical theatre, dance, and performing arts programs are available. The National Association of Schools of Theatre has granted it accreditation. 

AMDA Acceptance Rate

However, AMDA received over 7,700 applications for admission for the autumn of 2023, and it accepted nearly 2,400 of them, for an acceptable percentage of about 30%. In that term, over 530 admitted students actually enrolled.

However, when choosing which campus to attend, performers interested in attending AMDA may wish to consider the total enrolment at each site.

Also, they ranked the New York campus No. 109 on Niche’s list of the “Hardest Colleges to Get Into in America” out of over 1,700 institutions.

Therefore, there are 270 students enrolled in total at that branch, compared to roughly 1,500 at the Los Angeles campus.

Admission and Requirements at AMDA

The AMDA application procedure entails several steps. They provide the general list of prerequisites below. 

To ensure the submission of a successful application, follow ALL the instructions that apply to your program. 

Please be aware that each program may have different prerequisites. On the Programs page, by selecting your program, you may find the precise admission requirements.

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Full Requirements at AMDA

Transcripts from high school are necessary, although SAT and ACT results are not. Therefore, in order to provide the institution with a better understanding of the applicants’ personalities. 

Also, AMDA advises candidates interested in the Bachelor of Arts degree to submit a two-minute personal video in which they discuss specified topics.

1. Submit Your Application

You must be at least 16 years old and/or in your final two years of secondary schooling to be eligible to apply.

Additionally, Royall VIP and CommonApp applications are accepted by AMDA. You do not need to submit an application through our website if you have already done so through one of our partners.

We urge you to think about attending the AMDA High School Summer Conservatory if you have not yet turned 16 years old.

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2. Phone Interview with Admission

We would want to learn more about you, your educational experience, and your interest in attending AMDA during this interview. 

We will call you, but if you prefer, you can email [email protected] with the best day, time, and phone number to reach you in order to set up an appointment for this interview.

3. Submit your Personal Essay

AMDA would want to learn more about you. The essay(s) you write should address the questions below.

ALL programs must have: Describe a difficult event you’ve had and the lessons you took away from it. (500 minimum words)

A further prerequisite for BA programs (NOT NECESSARY for BFA or conservatory programs) Shares a piece of original creative writing or an essay you’ve already written for a class assignment. 

Share a piece that you are very proud of because we want to see your greatest work. (500 minimum words)

To submit your essay, CLICK HERE.

4. Sumit Letter(S) of Recommendation

Please ask for and submit letters of recommendation from any individuals who are acquainted with your qualifications, such as coaches, school administrators, guidance counsellors, or teachers. 

Your letter of recommendation needs to be written in English, be signed, and include a date. Please ‌use AMDA’s referral form by clicking the link below to assist in this process.

However, recommendation letters and forms can be mailed to the address listed on the form or sent via email to [email protected].

5. Submit your Academic Records/Transcript

Transcripts from your college, if relevant, and high school should be sent. Also, you must send AMDA official transcripts from each college or university you showed on your application. 

Therefore, the AMDA’s programs need a 2.0 out of 4.0-grade point average (GPA) or its equivalent in other grading scales. 

Supplementary Requirements for BA Programs


We’d love to learn more about you! This two-minute film should have more information about you. They provided four ideas for the topics below as samples. 

However, you are welcome to use one or more of these, or you can choose a different subject. We strongly advise using this chance to tell us more about yourself!

1. What was the best experience you’ve ever had, and what made it so unique and priceless?

2. Describe your theatre-related interests.

3. Please tell us about one of your other interests besides theatre.

4. Tell us about a memorable time you spent being active in your community (school, neighborhood, local organization, etc.)

For more clues on how you can submit your video, CLICK HERE.

Application Deadline

However, AMDA offers rolling admissions, which means we take on new students all year long. They advised you to finish your admissions file no later than 60 to 90 days before the start date you had planned.

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Tuition Fee at AMDA 

For the 2023–24 academic year, students at both the Los Angeles and New York campuses paid the same amount in tuition and fees: $42,660.

Because of AMDA’s location in two big cities, students should prepare to pay a sizable amount for housing. Therefore, in Los Angeles, students had to pay $10,280 for on-campus accommodation at 2023–24.

However, the college calculated that students at the New York location would spend $10,280 on off-campus accommodation during the same academic year.

As the top performing arts institution and conservatory with locations in both New York and Los Angeles. 

Also, they offer their students not only a top-notch education but also a demanding, performance-based curriculum and training that is geared toward the business.

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