Capital One Zelle Limit: Mobile payment technologies make it faster and more easy to send and receive money for personal, professional, or small company use. Zelle, like PayPal, Cash App, and Venmo, is a platform that allows you to send money from your bank account to the designated recipient without incurring any costs. Read on!

Capital One Zelle Limit

Zelle allows you to transmit funds via the website or mobile app. If you have not already enrolled with Zelle, you must first do so using the Capital One Mobile app.

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Capital One Zelle Limit

Each bank has its own Zelle transfer restrictions, both daily and monthly. Here are the daily and monthly Zelle restrictions for several of the country’s top banks.

The Capital One Zelle limit is $2,500, which fluctuates monthly.

To Access Zelle Through the Mobile App:

  • Sign into the Capital One Mobile app (text “MOBILE” to 80101 for a link to download).
  • Tap the checking account you wish to send funds via.
  • Tap “send money with Zelle” to get started.
  • To access Zelle via the website:
  • Sign in at
  • Click on the checking account you want to send funds through.
  • Click “send money with Zelle” to get started.

Please take note: To transmit funds using Zelle, you may need to validate a one-time password. You cannot transmit funds using Zelle unless you have a mobile phone number that can be used to get a one-time passcode.

To use a Zelle QR Code:

1. Access the Capital One Mobile app (text “MOBILE” to 80101 for a download link).

2. Select the bank account you wish to send funds from. 3. Click “Send Money With Zelle” to proceed.

4. Tap “Use a QR Code” to launch the QR code scanner and pay someone else.

5. Tap “Show my code” to show and share your QR code and receive money.

What Are Some Alternative Options if You Hit Your Zelle Limit?

If you reach your Zelle limit, there are additional options for sending money. Here are some options to consider.

Consider using another payment platform: popular options include Venmo, PayPal, and Square. Many of these services require a modest cost to transfer money, and you must have an account to receive it.

Write a Personal Check:

While personal checks may appear to be out of date, they are a good alternative to peer-to-peer transfer applications for sending big sums of money.

Withdraw Cash:

Because debit cards are so popular, people seldom have much cash on hand, but you can always go to an ATM to withdraw money.

Use a Payment Retailer:

Western Union and MoneyGram allow you to send money by going to an authorised retailer and financing the transaction with cash or a debit card.

Your beneficiaries can collect the funds by visiting a merchant and presenting their name and transaction number.

Wait a Few Days:

Waiting 24 hours or 30 days until you return to Zelle’s payment restrictions is the slowest option, but it may be required if you want to send a significant payment.

How Does Zelle Work?

Here are the methods to transfer or receive money with Zelle.

Step 1:

Select your recipient. Due to the increase in Zelle fraud, you should only transfer money to persons you know and trust, such as repaying a family member or friend or paying a service provider.

Step 2:

Get the recipient’s phone or email address. Zelle allows anybody with a U.S. financial institution account to receive money by phone or email.

Step 3:

Decide on your payment amount. Your Zelle limit is set by your bank or credit union. If you wish to transfer a substantial sum on a regular basis, you may need to locate a different payment method.

Step 4:

Send money. If your receiver is already a Zelle member, they will often get the money within minutes. If they are not registered, they will be sent instructions for getting the cash by email or text message.

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Step 5:

Verify your payment. You should always follow up with the recipient to ensure that they received the money. You should also verify your bank account to ensure that the correct amount was removed from it.

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