York University Acceptance Rate: Are you excited to begin your studies at York University in Toronto? If you answered yes, then read on to learn more about York University Toronto’s entrance criteria and acceptance rate.

York University Acceptance Rate

Reasons to Study at York University in Toronto

York University Toronto, a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was founded in 1959.

Applying to York Institution is a fantastic chance if you wish to study at Canada’s highest-ranked university.

This university is well-known for cultivating research excellence. York University is built on 25 research institutes and 11 faculties in collaboration with more than 200 of the world’s finest institutions.

They want to help their students grow into strong individuals capable of empowering a strong community and addressing critical social issues.

York University guarantees that you will find work soon after graduating.

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Average Acceptance Rate of York University Toronto

York University does not have a particular admission rate. However, this university’s admittance rate is about 27% on average.

For example, if 206,297 people apply, only 55,700 will be chosen, with 43% being men and 57% being women.

York University’s undergraduate admittance rate in 2018 was over 89%, which was extraordinarily high. When compared to the other Toronto institutions, York University has the greatest acceptance rate.

York University Acceptance Rate Figures

Each year, York University gets approximately 50,000 admissions applications. Last year, the overall acceptance rate for York University was a little over 27%, with 206,297 applications on record, of which 55,700 were admitted; with a ratio of 43% men and 57% female candidates.

York University Undergrad Acceptance Rate was 89%:

With a total of 55,843 applications, York University had an average acceptance rate of 89% for undergraduate courses, with 49,700 admitted.

York University Graduate Acceptance Rate was 11%:

With a total of 54,546 applications, York University had an average acceptance rate of 11% for graduate courses, with 6000 accepted.

On the other hand, York believes that everyone should have the opportunity to study, which is why it admits a maximum number of candidates each year.

According to such data, York University’s average acceptance rate for its 150+ degree programmes was between 70 and 85% per year.

York University Toronto’s Admissions Requirements

In summary, you must apply before the deadline if you wish to attend York University. In addition, you must meet the university’s fundamental admission standards.

Also, demonstrate that you have met the prerequisites for specific disciplines, and submit a personal profile or statement of interest.

Although the admissions procedure for domestic and foreign students may differ. Prospective students must, however, produce specified paperwork as part of the application procedure.

All candidates to York University for an undergraduate degree or certificate must fulfil the following entry requirements:

  • Transcript Official (Except for Mature candidates and Visiting Students on a Letter of Permission, all students must present official transcripts.)
  • Descriptions of Courses (for any postsecondary work taken outside of North America)
  • Requirements for Language Proficiency
  • Supplemental Application for the Schulich School of Business, the Faculty of Education and Social Work, the School of Arts, Media, Performance, and Design, and the Lassonde School of Engineering (optional co-application).

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York University Admissions Process

International students interested in applying to York University should follow the steps outlined below:

  • Admission Portal: Apply online at the official website
  • The application fee is 114 USD (8,395 INR)
  • Fundamental Academic Requirement: High School Diploma
  • Select a programme of interest, review the programme criteria, and then apply online at the official website.
  • Please submit valid academic transcripts.
  • Provide TOEFL/IELTS or other similar test results.
  • Submit your documents for citizenship and immigration.
  • Canada Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Mature Students (20 years of age or older) must also present additional required papers such as postsecondary transcripts, resumes, personal letters (one to two pages), and documentation for any past academic success, among others.
  • Submit the completed applications and keep track of them with MyFile.

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