December 7, 2023

Why is Saving Paused On Canva: Are you having issues saving your design while working on Canvas? Were you working on a design and suddenly the site crashed and you couldn’t save your work? We got you covered, just keep reading this article. 

Why is Saving Paused On Canva

A Lot of people make use of Canva a lot, which means they have experienced these difficulties with crashing and freezing a few times by now. They have also experienced difficulty in saving their designs over time.

Over time, we have developed a list of steps you can take, and factors you should check out whenever the program starts acting up. Let’s dive into what you can do, both for the desktop website and the phone app.

Why Saving on Canva Keeps Pausing

If you can’t save your sketch or design and the editor is locked, this usually means that the capability of the browser is down. This means there’s a technical difficulty touching your browser or web settings.

The Canva Editor needs WebSockets so your designs can be saved while you and your team are working on it at the same time.

Apart from this, if the adjustments you made on your design are not saving, it could be due to using an old-fashioned browser or app version, intermittent net connection, or ongoing site issues.

If you’re making an attempt to save a reproduction of your design to your device, and it’s proving difficult here is what you should do

Normally your designs should automatically save on Canvas, but if it doesn’t try saving them manually.

Here are the steps;

  • You can manually do so by clicking on File and then Save from the status bar.
  • To know if your recent edits have been saved, tap on ••• from the menu bar and check the Save status.
  • If your edits don’t automatically save, you can manually do so by tapping on Save.

How to Save on Canva

Here are easy steps to follow to save designs on Canvas just in case you might have missed them and it’s the reason why your design isn’t saving;

  • Click Download from the editor menu bar.
  • On the dropdown, choose a file type for your download.
  • If your design has multiple pages, select the pages you want to download from the dropdown and click Done.
  • Click Download or Pay and download to finish.

If you have done the above and it’s still not working; keep reading. 

If you’re having trouble with Canva loading elements or saving your work, the difficulty is probably comparable to what we’ve already talked about. 

Also, it’s likely you’re both overwhelming the device one way or the other or lost your web connection.

The notable issue about Canva is that it automatically saves your work as you’re working. This skill lets you recognize that there’s any difficulty almost right away and you won’t lose the work you’ve already done. 

Remember that even a mild blip in your net connectivity can motivate Canva to show you a saving or loading error, so try once more and see if the trouble resolves itself on its own. 

If the net connection is working properly, a loading or saving error is probably due to the system being overwhelmed and desiring time to capture up. 

However, canvas sites or apps can crash on their own, making saving pause. Follow these steps to resolve if Canva crashes.

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What You Should do if Canva Crashes

Whether you have your phone or iPad set to make automatic updates or not, look at the settings in the Canva app and make sure that it’s updated to the latest version.

If you’re running an older version of the app, it’s likely you’ll run into bugs and snags.

Follow these easy steps to stop Canva from crashing:

  • make sure your internet is working
  • close every other internet tab aside from Canva
  • close any apps that are running on your computer or phone
  • refresh the Canva webpage
  • if you have multiple designs open, close the ones you aren’t using
  • limit the number of pages you use per design when possible
  • close everything and turn off your computer or phone for a few minutes

Lastly, there is a chance that corrupted caches and cookies are the culprits. To rule this out, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.

On your computer, press CTRL + H on your keyboard to open the History tab. After that, click on Clear Browsing Data.

On your phone just clear up all caches and browsing data to free it. 

Ok, now that we’ve run through the options for fixing the issues with your canvas, you can now enjoy a hitch-free moment on canvas.

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