Why is my Amazon in Spanish: Although English is Amazon’s official language, visitors and current customers are allowed to choose a different language. Depending on the user’s device location, account information, and browser preferences, Amazon assigns a pre-selected language.

Why is my Amazon in Spanish


The Amazon website switching the language if you click on a foreign link is one potential explanation for the abrupt change in the language of your Amazon account.

For instance, if you conduct a Google search for a product that directs you to Amazon.de, the product page will launch in German.

Here are several potential causes if you notice that Amazon constantly switches between Spanish and other languages on your PC or smartphone. We’ll also look at a few solutions to this issue, including the ones listed below.

Changing Amazon’s Preferred Language

Check the language and region settings for the browser displaying a different language if other browsers show Amazon in your preferred language.

The problem is most likely with your account settings if Amazon is in Spanish on all of your devices and browsers. Here are a few potential justifications and answers:

1. Change the Default Language

Step 1: Verify that the language on your Amazon account is not set to Spanish. If you’re using a PC, select your language from the drop-down menu by clicking the flag icon next to the search box.

Step 2: You can also visit the Amazon Language Settings page, choose your chosen language, and then click Save Changes.

Step 3: Mobile users can tap the globe icon by scrolling to the bottom of Amazon’s site. Choose the language of your choice, then click Save Changes. Once finished, Amazon will notify you through email that your language preferences have been updated.

Step 4: By selecting the hamburger menu symbol, users of the Amazon app can change their preferred language. Select the language for your area by going to Settings > Country & Language > Language.

2. Change your Country or Region.

Twenty nations are currently served by Amazon, each with a unique set of languages, costs, and shipping choices.

Amazon will display items and pages in Spanish if your preferred country or region on the website is set to Spain or another Spanish-speaking nation, such as Mexico.

Step 1: Click the flag icon in your browser and choose Change country/region. The website is accessible via the link at the base of the drop-down card, just in case it isn’t in English.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, choose the nation you want, and then click the Go to Website option. Your browser will launch a brand-new Amazon browser tab in the native tongue of the chosen nation.

Language Preferences Setting: After choosing your language options, click “Go to website” to launch a fresh Amazon tab.

Step 3: By pressing the menu button and selecting Settings > Country & Language > Country/Region on the mobile app, you can choose a country from the list of nations listed under the Countries/Regions Available in English (or your desired language) section.

3. Modifying VPN Settings

Many websites choose the language of the home page based on the visitor’s IP address and location.

Amazon will most likely display products in Spanish if the Virtual Private Network (VPN) server location on your smartphone or PC is set to Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country.

After reviewing your VPN settings and selecting a non-Spanish nation/server, reload the page.

4. Verify the Website’s Language and Location

When you access Amazon from a website run by a third party, the language may be changed to Spanish or another language.

Three theories are tenable for this:

  • The default location of the third-party website or search engine is a Spanish-speaking country.
  • The default language on the Amazon marketplace website, where the product vendor is authorized to sell, is Spanish.
  • The search engine or third-party website’s default language is Spanish.
  • Check the search engine’s location settings to make sure the region is not set to a Spanish-speaking country if clicking on a product on Google sends you to the Spanish version of Amazon.

Step 1: Click Settings (or the Settings icon) next to the search field on a Google search results page and choose Search Settings.

Step 2: Select Current Region or a non-Spanish nation in the Region Settings section by scrolling down. When you’re done, click Save.

Step 3: To change your country or region on Microsoft Bing, click the hamburger menu button and select Settings. Select the nation of your choice. Make sure you pick United States – English if you choose the United States and not united states Spanish.

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5. Clear Amazon’s Cookies / Cache

By clearing off all Amazon-related cookies from their browser, Chrome users might be able to solve the frustrating language changeover problem.

If the issue continues despite having the proper language and region settings on Amazon and other third-party websites, try the instructions below.

  • Chrome

Step 1: Press Enter after entering the following address in Chrome’s address box.

Step 2: To erase all cookies and data connected to Amazon, type “amazon” into the top-right search bar and select Remove all displayed.

Step 3: On the confirmation box, click Clear all to continue.

You will be signed out of your Amazon account if you clear Amazon’s data. You will need to enter your password again in order to continue purchasing. After clearing the website’s cache, you might need to change the language and region settings for Amazon.

  • Microsoft Edge

Step 1: Type the following address into the address bar of Microsoft Edge and hit Enter.

Step 2: To erase all cookies and data connected to Amazon, type “amazon” into the top-right search bar and click the Remove all displayed option.

Step 3: On the confirmation screen, click Clear.

6. Browser Language Preferences

If your browser’s settings let it, especially if it supports multiple languages, Amazon may display pages in Spanish (e.g., Chrome and Firefox). Remove Spanish from the list of preferred languages in your browser’s settings.

  • Chrome

Go to Settings > Advanced > Language to view the list of preferred languages. Remove any Spanish words you find on the list by clicking the menu button next to them.

  • Microsoft Edge

By clicking the menu button, navigate to Settings > Languages. Remove Spanish from the list of preferred languages by clicking the menu button next to it.

7. Update your Browser or Application

The functionality and customization of websites may be hampered by an outdated or bug-ridden browser. If Amazon’s language remains set to Spanish by default, make sure your browser is current.

  • Whether you’re using Chrome, check to see if an update is available by going to Settings > About Chrome.
  • Visit Settings > About Microsoft Edge to update the browser, which will then update itself.
  • Click Preferences and adhere to the directions in the Firefox Updates section if you’re using Firefox.
  • Update the Amazon app on your mobile device by going to the app store.

FAQs on Why is my Amazon in Spanish

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers for you:

1. Why is Amazon defaulting to Spanish?

Many websites set the default on-page language using the visitor’s geographic IP location. If you’re using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your smartphone or PC, and its server location is set to Spain or any Spanish-speaking country, Amazon will most likely display products in Spanish.

2. Where are the settings in Amazon?

  1. Change Your Account Settings
  2. In Your Account, go to Login & security.
  3. Next to the account information, you’d like to update, select Edit.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and select Save Changes.
  5. After you’ve completed all your updates, select Done.

3. How do you change the language back to English?

  1. Change the language on your Android device
  2. On your Android device, tap Settings.
  3. Tap System Languages & input. If you can’t find “System,” then under “Personal,” tap Languages & input Languages.
  4. Tap Add a language. and choose the language that you want to use.
  5. Drag your language to the top of the list.

4. How do I get my Amazon off Spanish Mode?

To change your language preference: Go to Language Settings. Select your preferred language. Save your changes.

5. How do I change my Amazon Back to English?

Amazon lets you change the default language on its website or mobile app. To change the language on the website, click the flag icon to the right of the search box at the top of the screen. On the Amazon app, tap the three-line menu and choose Settings, then look for Country & Language.

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