Why Does my Brightness Keep Going Down: It’s likely that your iPhone’s light varies occasionally if it’s up to date. This might be because of Auto-Brightness, a feature that automatically changes the brightness of your screen to match the ambient light level so you can see more clearly.

Why Does my Brightness Keep Going Down

Another function, Night Shift, alters the hue and light of your iPhone at specific times, usually between sunset and morning. You can do this after looking at your phone and before going to bed.

Why Your iPhone Keeps Dimming

Your iPhone dims frequently because Auto-Brightness is activated most of the time. The Auto-Brightness feature on your iPhone automatically adjusts the screen’s light based on ambient lighting.

Auto-Brightness will dim your iPhone’s display at night when it’s darker so your eyes won’t be blinded by what you’re viewing on the screen.

When you’re at the beach on a bright, sunny day, Auto-lighting will typically turn up the light of your iPhone’s display so you can really see what’s going on there!

If you wish to stop your iPhone from darkening, you must off Auto-Brightness. Tap Accessibility -> Display & Text Size in Settings after opening it. The switch adjacent to Auto-Brightness must then be turned off.

Turn Off Auto Brightness on iPhone

Apple warns that disabling Auto-Brightness may shorten the battery life of your iPhone. In essence, your iPhone’s battery will discharge more quickly if you leave it on maximum light all day than if you leave it on minimum light.

How to Stop your iPhone’s Auto-Brightness

You can disable these capabilities and manually change the light of your iPhone if it frequently changes at inconvenient times as a result of these features. How? Read on.

Follow these steps to disable the light sensor, which adjusts light based on lighting conditions:

1. Launch the Settings application.

2. Tap Accessibility again.

3. Click on Text Size & Display.

4. Move the Auto-Brightness toggle to the left so that it becomes gray by scrolling to the bottom and tapping it.

How to Turn off Night Shift on your iPhone

Follow these steps to disable Night Shift, a built-in iPhone function that automatically adjusts your screen’s colors to reduce eye strain (especially at night):

1. Launch the Settings application

2. Select Display & Brightness.

3. Toggle Night Shift on.

4. Tap the Scheduled toggle to have it flip to the left, making it gray.

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How to Change Brightness Manually on your iPhone

If you’ve disabled Auto-Brightness and Night Shift, there are two ways to manually adjust the light on an iPhone.

From the command center:

  • On an iPhone X or later, swipe downward from the upper right corner of your screen (or up from the bottom of your screen on an earlier iPhone model).
  • Slide your finger up and down on the sun icon to adjust the light.

A quick tip: To activate Night Shift, tap the Night Shift icon in the bottom center while pressing and holding the sun icon.

From Settings:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Display & Brightness.
  • Adjust the Brightness slider to your desired light settings.

You’ve fixed your dim iPhone and the display looks normal again! Next time your iPhone keeps dimming, you’ll know exactly how to fix the problem.

Leave any other questions you have about your iPhone’s display in the comments section down below.

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