What Jobs Can You Get With a Criminal Justice Degree: Criminal justice is a job sector that entails apprehending suspects and pursuing justice via court processes in order to prevent and solve crimes. Keep reading!

What Jobs Can You Get With a Criminal Justice DegreeCriminal justice graduates can work in fields such as law enforcement, prisons, and the judicial system. If you are interested in public safety and the legal system, a career in criminal justice may be for you.

This article will provide you with a list of 10 careers to consider if you have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.


What Does a Career in Criminal Justice Involve?

A job in criminal justice is most literally defined as dispensing justice to individuals who have committed or have been suspected of committing crimes.

Criminal justice careers, on the other hand, span a wide range of specialties and interests.

Protecting and defending the rights and safety of others requires a professional path that often includes targeted study and training – a criminal justice degree will educate you to serve your community and promote the principles of justice and peace for the rest of your life.

Earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree in criminal justice can allow you to have a big effect on your country and community while also making a substantial difference in the lives of individuals.

Salary ranges from $50,000 to $150,000 and above.

Why Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice?

Criminal justice jobs are critical for upholding laws and keeping people safe. Criminal justice positions are filled by government agencies at the federal, state, and municipal levels, so you may work in an atmosphere that suits you.

Other advantages of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice include:

  • Excellent perks and retirement schemes
  • Job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment
  • Job security
  • Salary packages that are competitive
  • Several career opportunities

What Jobs Can You Get With a Criminal Justice Degree|10 Jobs

Here are 10 occupations in criminal justice that you can acquire with a bachelor’s degree. Indeed’s most recent wage data may be found at indeed.com/salaries.

1. Immigration Officer

Immigration officers and agents are law enforcement officials who work for the Department of Homeland Security to locate, arrest, and deport illegal immigrants.

They have a thorough awareness of immigration regulations and laws, which they apply while questioning people, reviewing reports, and searching for evidence of false information or fraud on visa or citizenship applications.

If a matter proceeds to trial, an immigration officer may appear or testify in court.

National Average Salary:

  • $39,431 per year

2. Correctional Officer

Correctional officials are in charge of convicts in prisons and other correctional facilities. They examine their activity and the environment to avoid potentially hazardous situations.

Inspecting jail cells and facilities, screening convicts for harmful materials, and reporting suspicious or disturbing conduct are all possible.

Correctional officers are essential for maintaining facility order and keeping inmates and personnel safe. They may also assist offenders in navigating rehabilitation programs.

National Average Salary:

  • $39,859 per year

3. Mediator

Mediators are responsible for listening to both sides of a disagreement in order to assist the parties involved in reaching an amicable settlement without resorting to court.

They frequently serve as third-party negotiators in civil disputes such as divorces, child custody agreements, business and employment concerns, and contract disputes.

Mediators keep the discussion productive and calm while gathering and reviewing papers or evidence relevant to the issue that may aid in reaching a fair settlement.

Mediators can also clarify legislation and legal concerns to the parties concerned.

National Average Salary:

  • $40,274 per year

4. Probation Officer

Probation officials are to ensure that parolees who have been released from prison obey the terms of their release. They also assist these folks in adjusting to life outside of jail.

Most probation officers supervise a specific number of parolees, visiting and monitoring them at their homes and businesses. They may also utilize electronic equipment for monitoring.

Probation officials supervise parolees’ rehabilitation, evaluate their progress, and prepare progress reports.

Their efforts may prevent people from committing additional crimes, allowing them to integrate into society and better their life.

National Average Salary:

  • $48,500 per year

5. Private Investigator

Private investigators investigate a wide range of complaints and crimes, depending on the demands of their customers.

They may work for an individual or a business, or they may assist local law enforcement in a case.

Private investigators frequently do background checks, hunt for missing people, conduct surveillance, gather evidence, investigate papers or financial records, interview relevant parties, and locate information that may aid in the resolution of a legal issue.

They may be assigned to civil or criminal proceedings.

National Average Salary:

  • $49,835 per year

6. Paralegal

In legal departments and law companies, paralegals are to do case research and analysis, organizing records, and drafting and submitting reports.

They play a vital role in supporting attorneys during court proceedings and assisting them in preparing for trial by creating and organizing legal papers such as wills, contracts, and real estate closings.

Paralegals frequently conduct interviews, document case information, and communicate about cases with clients, courts, and legal teams.

National Average Salary:

  • $55,060 per year

7. Police Officer

Police officers are part of law enforcement who work in communities to prevent crime and keep residents safe.

They patrol a certain area looking for indicators of criminal activity or illegality, and they respond to events, crises, accidents, and criminal complaints.

They also police traffic regulations. For breaking the law, police officers can issue warnings and penalties, as well as arrest anyone they suspect of committing crimes. For legal considerations, they keep extensive records of their activity.

National Average Salary:

$55,601 per year

8. Security Officer

Security officers and supervisors are in responsible for monitoring and safeguarding businesses and property.

They assist in the protection of persons and assets, the prevention of theft and break-ins, and the investigation of any criminal activity that happens.

They may patrol premises on foot and use surveillance devices to observe activities. Security officers may manage who enters a facility, analyze buildings and scenarios for risk, and assume leadership responsibilities in the event of an accident, fire, or dangerous circumstance.

They frequently have the technical expertise required to operate alarm systems and computer surveillance programs.

National Average Salary:

  •  $55,987 per year

9. Fraud Investigator

Fraud investigators are in charge of determining whether or not a fraud claim is accurate. They might work for insurance companies, police enforcement, government agencies, financial institutions, or private clients.

Financial crimes and personal injury or property damage lawsuits are examples of situations they may work on.

When they receive a fraud allegation, these investigators gather evidence and documents, conduct interviews, and write reports on their findings for the organization or individual who filed the claim. They may also be called to testify in court.

National Average Salary:

  • $59,162 per year


10. Criminal Investigator

Criminal investigators are members of law enforcement who work for local or federal authorities to assist in the investigation and resolution of crimes.

They conduct interviews with suspects, victims, and witnesses. They can also obtain search and arrest warrants, as well as search and gather evidence at crime scenes.

Criminal investigators keep extensive records and reports regarding their work and may speak in court about their evidence or conclusions to assist legal teams. They may conduct criminal or civil investigations.

National Average Salary:

  • $61,611 per year

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