February 26, 2024

What Job Can I Get With NCE Certificate? What are the responsibilities of an NCE holder in CRS/history? Which degree will I pursue if I go to university to continue my education? These are the most common queries that have gone unanswered. So, continue reading to learn about NCE Jobs in Nigeria and their requirements.

What Job Can I Get With NCE Certificate

What Job Can I Get With NCE Certificate? Check Requirements

Below is the list of NCE Jobs in Nigeria:  

1. Creative Director (Graphic Designer)

You must be creative and create great patterns. You must also be trustworthy and meet deadlines. Nonetheless, we welcome those who are eager to learn and would contribute significantly to Creatively.


You must be able to do all of these CREATIVELY:

  • Design Presentation Slides
  • Design Kindle Paperback And Ebook Cover Pages.
  • Design Ebooks
  • Design Editable Workbooks
  • Design Infographics.
  • Design Social Media Posts, I.E., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, And Linkedin.
  • Bonus Point: You Can Create Videos.


  • You must be familiar with the use of Canva.
  • Previous experience is essential.
  • You may work from any place because the job is fully remote.


2. Van Sales Representative

Your responsibilities include discovering new sales possibilities, educating frequent clients about new items, and fulfilling sales goals.

Job Description

  • Sending purchase orders and informing current clients about new items.
  • Liaising with other departments to achieve the best client services.
  • Avoiding harm to the delivery van and the items being delivered by the firm.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the van’s inside and outside.
  • Checking tyre pressure, gas and oil levels, and other basic vehicle maintenance activities.
  • Boosting sales via product promotion and competitive analysis.
  • Establishing sales contracts, accepting purchase orders, and collecting payments are all part of the job.
  • Taking responsibility for the safe and timely delivery of bought goods.
  • Keeping track of sales and deliveries, as well as reaching sales objectives.

Qualification And Requirements

  • NCE/OND/HND/BSc in any field
  • Minimum of two years experience as a van sales representative in any
  • NCE/OND/HND/BSc in any field Minimum of two years’ experience as a van sales representative in any
  • Must have strong communication and correspondence abilities, as well as an outgoing personality.
  • Capability to take charge of the delivery truck and the items
  • Experience keeping records and managing sales contracts
  • A working understanding of basic vehicle maintenance is required.

3. Truck Driver/Job Description

  • During formal duties, drive trucks to certain places.
  • Inform management of the requirement for new licences or licence renewals.
  • Before using the vehicle, make sure it is properly fueled.
  • Follow all state and federal driving laws and regulations.
  • Ensure that trucks are constantly in good working order.
  • Do all assigned tasks and travels within the time frame specified.
  • Maintain the truck in a neat and tidy state.
  • Arrange routes and adhere to delivery deadlines.
  • Do daily maintenance inspections on the truck and report any abnormalities to management.
  • All movement paperwork, such as logs and mileage reports, must be completed.
  • Further duties may be allocated.

Skills And Requirements

1 – 2 years of relevant work experience with a minimum of an SSCE or ND / NCE.

  • A valid driver’s licence is essential.
  • Demonstrated job experience as a Truck Driver
  • It is critical to be familiar with national motorway routes.
  • Have defensive driving abilities.
  • Capable of driving and parking huge vehicles.
  • Physically healthy and powerful.
  • Knowledge of appropriate truck driving norms and regulations is required.

4. Early Years & Primary School Teachers

You will develop and implement a thorough educational teaching plan based on the needs of the school.

It will be critical to providing students with information and instruction while also supporting them in developing their personalities and strengths.

The ideal candidate will have a strong work ethic, be able to interact with pupils, and build a trusting relationship. They will understand how to organize a class and support successful and interesting learning.

The goal is to foster students’ excitement for studying and to be a dedicated partners throughout the whole learning and growing process.

Job Requirements/Responsibilities

  • Use visual/audio aids to help learn and present courses in a thorough manner.
  • Encourage interactive learning to individualize education for each learner.
  • Create and distribute instructional content (notes, summaries, assignments, etc.)
  • Pupils’ progress is evaluated and documented, and grades and feedback are given.
  • Maintain a nice and organized classroom.
  • Attend frequent meetings and work with other teachers, parents, and stakeholders.
  • Organize and carry out educational programs and events both in and out of the classroom.
  • Watch and comprehend students’ behavior and psyche, and report concerns of neglect, abuse, and so on.

5. Office Assistance/Document Controller at Smart Partners

  • Arrange the office and help associates in a way that improves productivity.
  • Sift and distribute communications as quickly as feasible.
  • Develop and update records to ensure that information is correct and up to date, organize meetings and appointments, and so on.
  • Monitor supplies and respond to shortages.
  • Answer office requests and concerns by resolving office-related issues.
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure that policies are followed.
  • Keeping the trust of suppliers, customers, and coworkers
  • Do receptionist duties when necessary.

Skills Required for the Job

  • NCE / OND is required.
  • Demonstrated experience as an office assistant, virtual assistant, or in another administrative capacity
  • A thorough understanding of office administration techniques is necessary.
  • Good time management and organizational skills
  • Outstanding writing and vocal communication abilities Analytical abilities and a propensity for problem-solving
  • Ms office’s prowess is required.


6. Male & Female Security/Surveillance Guard

Developing your career as a Full-Time Male or Female Surveillance/ Security Guard is a fantastic opportunity to learn valuable skills.

Apply for the role of Male and Female Surveillance/ Security Guard now if you have good communication skills, flexibility, and the proper personality for the work.

Job Requirements And Skills

  • Patrolling and monitoring actions to deter thieves and protect the safety and security of the environment.
  • Evicting trespassers and violators and holding criminals in accordance with legal norms prior to the arrival of necessary authorities.
  • Regulating the entry and exit of personnel, guests, and vehicles in accordance with protocols.
  • Monitoring surveillance cameras to watch out for any interruptions or illicit actions.
  • Giving full reports to management on daily operations and any events that may have happened.
  • Assessing security systems and running X-ray machines and metal detectors as needed.
  • Clear and succinct communication using available communication equipment such as two-way radios.
  • When necessary, provide CPR or first aid.

Minimum Qualification:

  • SSCE

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