March 4, 2024

What college has the lowest acceptance rate? One would argue. There are several colleges with low acceptance rates and if you read on, we will be showing you these colleges you can make your choice.

What College Has the Lowest Acceptance Rate

Which College Has the Lowest Acceptance Rate?

Harvard University is presently reporting the lowest overall admission rate for the Class of 2027 among the institutions that have disclosed their data (image credit: Chensiyuan).

Are you interested in discovering which American universities hold the distinction of having the most stringent acceptance rates? If you’re curious, you may already have some universities in mind that could lead the pack.

Below, you’ll find the overall admission rates for the Class of 2027 at some of the most highly selective national universities in the United States.

In cases where a school’s admission rate has not yet been made public, we will include that information once it becomes available through The Common Data Set.


Colleges with the Lowest Acceptance Rates of 2023

College/UniversityUS News 2023 RankClass of 2027 Overall Admission Rate
Harvard University#33.41%
Columbia University#183.93%
Yale University#34.35%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology#24.68%
University of Chicago#65%
Brown University#135.08%
Vanderbilt University#135.61%
Duke University#106%
Dartmouth College#126.07%
Northwestern University#107%
Rice University#157.7%
Princeton University#1Not Yet Published
Stanford University#3Not Yet Published
Johns Hopkins University#7Not Yet Published
University of Pennsylvania#7Not Yet Published
California Institute of Technology#9Not Yet Published
Washington University in St. Louis#15Not Yet Published
Cornell University#17Not Yet Published

Let’s check out some other institutions:

1. Stanford University

Stanford University achieved a historically low overall admission rate of 3.68% for the Class of 2026. However, as of now, Stanford has not unveiled its overall admission rate for the Class of 2027.

Therefore, for Stanford to surpass Harvard’s admission rate for the Class of 2027, it would need to establish a notably more competitive benchmark.

It’s worth noting that we do not anticipate Stanford’s admission rate for the Class of 2027 to be lower than that of Harvard.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT reported an overall admission rate of 4.68% for the Class of 2027. This rate experienced a decline compared to the previous year, attributed to a 20% decrease in applications.

In the preceding year, for the Class of 2026, MIT admitted 3.96% of applicants. Notably, even with this record-low admission rate of 3.96% for the Class of 2026, MIT’s figures still did not reach the level of Harvard’s 3.19% admission rate.

3. Duke University

The overall admission rate for Duke University’s Class of 2027 was 6%, which was slightly lower than the 6.2% rate for the Class of 2026. While Duke, located in Durham, North Carolina, maintains a notably competitive overall admission rate, it falls short of being in the same league as Harvard University.

4. Northwestern University

Northwestern University reported an overall acceptance rate of 7% for the Class of 2027, which remained consistent with the rate for the Class of 2026.

Consequently, Northwestern does not contend for the title of having the lowest overall admission rate among the top American universities.


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