February 22, 2024

WGU Scholarships: At WGU, you are prioritized. Since it’s your education, you’re in charge. You won’t ever need to rearrange your schedule to attend class or take a day off to take a test thanks to the inexpensive tuition and flexible programs that let you study whenever, when, and whatever you please. Earn your degree by working hard and living your life.

WGU Scholarships

WGU is approved by the U.S. Department of Education to offer federal student aid in all of our degree programs. Because of our more affordable tuition, WGU students are able to graduate without large amounts of student debt to repay.

If you qualify for and accept federal student aid, it will cover most, if not all, of your direct education expenses. You can use financial aid for:

  • Tuition and fees, including electronic learning materials
  • Textbooks
  • Technology
  • Other educational expenses

About WGU Scholarships

Your career and the future of your family can both benefit greatly from earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Higher education is affordable for busy working people thanks to WGU’s dedication to student success and reasonable tuition.

Even if it has been years or decades since you last opened a textbook, they are confident that you still possess the skills necessary to succeed in school.

And with the help of the Back to School Scholarship, you could be able to pay less for your education.

Scholarship Eligibility Details

Eligible Degree Programs (Bachelor’s and Master’s):

1. WGU Teachers College

2. College of Business

3. College of Information Technology

4. College of Health Professions

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Scholarship Policies

Multiple scholarships will be awarded. However, this is a competitive program and scholarships will be awarded based on a candidate’s academic record, financial need, readiness for online study at WGU, and current competency, plus other considerations.

Before monies are distributed, the scholarship recipients must read the WGU Student Handbook and agree to and understand the academic progress, tuition, and refund policies.

The student will also be required to agree to the WGU Scholarship Terms and Conditions before monies will be awarded.

The student must also meet the university’s On Time Progress requirements to maintain scholarship eligibility.

Each student can only be awarded one scholarship that is funded or administered through WGU during their degree program. Recipients must be U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens.

This scholarship can be used in addition to any tuition discounts for which you may be eligible.

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Scholarship Application Process

Get Started in Two Simple Steps:

Step 1: Apply for Admission

To be considered for WGU scholarships, you must be provisionally accepted as a WGU student. Please complete the admissions application and work with your Enrollment Counselor to move through the admissions process.

Note: Returning WGU graduates should complete the Returning Graduate Application.

Complete New Student Application

Step 2: Apply for Scholarships

Your MyWGU student portal login information, which will be supplied to you following Step 1, is required to access the scholarship application. Scholarship applications may be submitted up to 30 days before and up to 90 days after the start date of your degree.

NOTE: If you are qualified to submit a FAFSA, you must complete one for the current assistance year. You will still have the chance to be considered for WGU scholarships even if you are not eligible to apply for federal help through the FAFSA.

Complete Scholarship Application

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