March 4, 2024

Walmart Scholarship: The Walmart Foundation’s mission is to give people the chance to live better lives. By addressing community needs and enhancing alternatives for education, job development, environmental sustainability, and health and wellness, Walmart is committed to enhancing people’s lives.

Walmart Scholarship

Along with disaster relief, Walmart supports underrepresented groups like disabled persons, military families, veterans, and veterans’ families.

What is the Value of a Walmart Scholarship?

The Walmart Scholarship Program offers up to $13,000 in scholarships which can be utilized over four years.

The curriculum is designed for associates with a high school diploma, home school diploma, or GED. Over the course of six years, the winners will receive a maximum payment of $16,000.

Qualified candidates will be considered depending on their financial needs and academic performance after completing the online application procedure.

Does Walmart Pay for College?

All American Walmart employees have access to Walmart. The United States of America is becoming connected.

Sam’s Club, the home office, and other departments’ full- and part-time employees are eligible to pay $1 per day for college tuition for the duration of the university program.

Everything is covered by Walmart, including financial aid, education, fees, and books.

Requirements for Walmart Scholarship

All requirements for eligibility must be met before employees can register for the Walmart Scholarship:

1. You have to be a citizen or authorized permanent resident of the United States.

2. Must have worked either part-time or full-time for any Walmart division for at least six months after the application deadline for the award period being evaluated.

3. A high school senior who plans to enter a college or university after graduation must have successfully completed high school or home school, obtained a GED, or be a graduating high school student.

4. Seniors graduating from high school must wait to apply until they are less than six months away from starting college courses.

5. Must have a financial need and be able to prove it with the necessary paperwork. Note that associates who pay for tuition, books, fees, and on-campus room and board solely with other means are really not qualified.

6. Before applying, an associate must have graduated from high school/home school or gotten a GED, or be a graduating high school senior who is within six months of beginning a college course.

7. Level/Field of Study:

The Walmart Scholarship 2024 is accessible to anybody who has graduated from high school/home school, has earned a GED, or is a graduating high school senior planning to attend college or university after graduation.

8. Host Nationality:

  • The Walmart Scholarship Program is featured in the United States. Other international students can apply for US scholarships in 2024.
  • You can use these scholarship opportunities to help you with the majority of your academic issues. Other scholarships for study in Europe, Africa, Asia, and America that you can apply for in 2024 can be found here.

9. Nationality Requirements:

  • Only students from the United States are eligible to apply for the Walmart Scholarship.
  • Besides the Walmart Scholarship Program, international students can apply for various scholarships to study overseas.

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How to Apply For The Walmart Scholarship Program

The Walmart Scholarship application process for 2024 is rather straightforward. Just adhere to the directions listed below.

A step-by-step tutorial for applying for a Walmart Scholarship is provided below:

1. Establish a user account. To be eligible to apply for the scholarship, candidates must register.

2. To access the Walmart Associate Scholarship application’s Welcome Page right now, log into your AIM account.

3. Complete the form, then submit it. Complete all required fields in the online application and upload your financial records.

4. Submit. Click the Submit button on the online application’s Save/Submit page

Renewal Scholarship Application

The Walmart Associate Scholarship renewal process is flexible, giving recipients the chance to apply for money whenever it fits with their institution’s schedule during the Walmart Fiscal Year (Feb. 1–Jan. 31), up to the annual funding ceiling for their preferred degree or certificate program.

Scholar Responsibilities & Eligibility

When renewing their scholarship, scholars are required to:

1. Fill out a payment request online.

2. Upload a copy of your most recent grade report or transcript, showing a term GPA of 2.0 or better for the semester/term that was most recently funded (s).

3. Upload documentation proving your enrollment in at least 3 more credits during a future term or semester.

4. Scholars must renew their scholarship at least twice per fiscal year, starting with the first complete Walmart Fiscal Year (Feb. 1-Jan. 31), in order to continue to be eligible to do so.

Until the degree or certificate is granted, the financing cap is reached, or the six-year time restriction has passed, whichever comes first, scholars may keep renewing their awards.


The Walmart Foundation has decided to end the associate and dependant scholarship program as of February 1, 2021, due to the proliferation of public scholarship programs and the transformation of Walmart’s educational offerings with Live Better U.

Due to IRS regulations, only roughly 10% of program applicants have received scholarships since its beginning. The Walmart Foundation will keep concentrating on giving organizations smart grants.

The Walmart Associate Scholarship will no longer accept new applicants after the year 2020. After Q4 (November 2020), the application process will be closed to all new candidates. The application procedure will still be available in the first month of each quarter.

They will continue to honor all existing scholarships, as well as those granted during FY2021, through completion of a degree or for up to six years (whichever comes first), provided scholars continue to meet all renewal qualifications.

Renewal Process

1. Click the “Renew Now” button below or go to and log into your account

2. On your Home page under Applications, locate the Walmart Associate Scholarship program box which includes the year you were originally awarded

3. Under Tuition Assistance, locate the Walmart Associate Scholarship – Payment Request link

4. Click on the link to be taken directly to the form

5. Complete all required fields and upload your required documentation

6. Click the Submit button on the Save/Submit page of the form

Renew Now

Walmart Scholarship Deadline

In a normal Walmart fiscal year, there are four application periods:

  • Yearly from February 1 to March 1
  • Yearly from May 1 to June 1
  • Yearly, August 1 – September 1
  • Yearly November 1 – December 1

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