UTRGV scholarships are intended to recognize students for their outstanding academic accomplishments. The awards are based on various prerequisites and are made possible through the generosity of business firms, organizations, individuals, and University endowed funds.

UTRGV Scholarships

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is aware of how challenging it can be to pay for college. You can use scholarships to support your undergraduate or graduate studies at the university.

Information on scholarship programs, the application procedure, and answers to your other scholarship-related questions are all available through Scholarships and Enrollment Communication.

About the UTRGV Scholarships

For new freshmen, transfer students, graduate students, and undergraduate students, there are particular scholarships available.

Scholarships are given out based on merit, financial necessity, and accomplishment in the arts, sports, or other intellectual fields.

Federal financial assistance policies prohibit awarding students more than their financial need or overall attendance costs (COA).

Any UTRGV institutional scholarship(s) awarded to students who have received financial aid (from institutional, state, federal, and private sources) in excess of their need or COA will be decreased or revoked.

In addition, if a better funding source is found, the Scholarship and Enrollment Communications Office may substitute a scholarship.

UTRGV Scholarship Types

A person is NOT eligible for a scholarship awarded by an institution if the person is related within the third degree of consanguinity to a current member of the governing board of the institution or system (i.e., “Regent”) administering or originating the scholarship.

1. New Student Scholarships

At The University of Rio Grande Valley, scholarships are a great way to fund your undergraduate or graduate studies.

They are a type of financial aid that is given on the basis of merit, need, or a mix of the two and does not include repayment or work.

Scholarships are fiercely competitive and have strict requirements for qualifying, including GPA, major, admission exam results, etc. Federal, state, institutional, and private sources including businesses, foundations, and organizations all offer them. Some scholarships have their own unique deadlines and applications, typically reflecting the goals and ideals of the organization or donor.

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2. Transfer Student Scholarships

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is aware of the challenges associated with paying for college. Scholarships are a great method to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

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3. Undergraduate Continuing Scholarships

UTRGV is committed to providing scholarships and funding to outstanding undergraduate students. Review the information below for the different scholarship opportunities available to you.

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4. Graduate Scholarships

UTRGV is committed to providing scholarships and funding to outstanding graduate students. Review the information below for the different scholarship opportunities available to you.

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UTRGV Scholarship Application Process

The UTRGV Scholarship application opens doors to millions of dollars and offers a way to assist pay for your education, whether it is your first or last semester that you are applying.

The UTRGV alumni and friends, as well as kind donors and charities, who chose to invest their money in you, recognize how crucial it is to support the #FutureofTexas!

To be eligible for one of the scholarships UTRGV offers, you must submit your application(s) before the due date specified.

  • High School Seniors: December 1st
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students: February 1st

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Scholarship Timeline

October: Scholarship Application becomes available.

November 1st: TheDream.US scholarship application becomes available.

December 1st: Entering Freshmen Scholarship Application deadline.

  • Students must be admitted prior to December 1st to be considered for scholarships

February 1st: Current UTRGV, Transfer, and Graduate students Scholarship Application deadline.

February 15th: Entering Freshmen VAMOS/UTRGV Scholarship Application deadline.

June 1st:

  • Deadline for scholarship recipients to enroll for the upcoming fall semester.
  • Deadline for entering freshmen awarded to submit a “Thank You” letter.

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