December 3, 2023

UQ scholarships help you concentrate on your studies and reach your full potential at UQ. Discover financial aid for living expenses, education, lodging, and travel. Some also provide intriguing networking and work experience chances.

UQ Scholarships

So take the time to apply and do your homework because you could be amazed at how many you qualify for.

UQ Scholarships: Academic Scholarship Program

UQ’s Academic Scholarship program offers up to $60,000 to put toward your studies.

If you’re a high-achieving student completing Year 12, or you’re on a gap year, you’re encouraged to apply.

There are 3 scholarships in this program:

  • UQ Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships
  • UQ Excellence Scholarships
  • UQ Merit Scholarships

Scholarships are closed for now.

You only need to submit one application and you’ll automatically be considered for all.

Destination Australia Scholarship (International students)

The Destination Australia scholarship is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education. It aligns with the National Strategy for International Education 2025.

The scholarship’s objective is to:

  • Attract and support study in regional Australia
  • Grow and develop regional Australian tertiary education providers
  • Offer students a high-quality learning experience.

Scholarship value: AUD $15,000 per year

Scholarship duration: For the program’s duration (maximum 4 years)

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

You’re eligible if you:

1. Are you an international student

2. Hold a student visa for the scholarship’s duration

3. Are a commencing student

4. Are UQ alumni commencing a different program (for example, Master after completing a Bachelor’s degree)

5. Have a full offer to study an eligible program delivered entirely at the UQ Gatton campus in 2023 (you don’t need to accept your full offer by the scholarship application deadline).

And you:

will pursue internal study at UQ’s Gatton campus full-time during the scholarship’s tenure.

Reside in an Australian regional area for the term of the scholarship as specified by the 2016 Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Structure (Australian Bureau of Statistics)

And you’re starting any of the below programs in 2024:

  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science
  • Bachelor of Equine Science
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Technology
  • Bachelor of Wildlife Science
  • Master of Agribusiness
  • Master of Agricultural Science (Agronomy or Horticulture fields of study)
  • Master of Animal Science

Dual degrees with the Bachelor of Agribusiness and Master of Agricultural Science (Plant Protection field of study) are not eligible because they are not delivered full-time at UQ Gatton.

Students from low socioeconomic status (low-SES), who are the first in the family to tertiary study, and those living with a disability are strongly encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

Applications for Semester 1 2024 have closed.

Complete the online application form.

You will need to submit:

A personal statement (limit 300 words).

Use our tips for putting together a great application to help you through this process.

  • Applications open: February 2024
  • Applications close: June 2024

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Who Qualifies as an International Student?

You’re an international student if you’re:

1. Intending to study on a student visa

2. Not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand

3. Not an Australian permanent resident or a temporary resident (visa status) of Australia.

Scholarship Application Tips

Take the stress out of putting your application together with our application tips and add that extra shine to your submission.

Read and Understand the Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Take the time to fully research the aims of the scholarship and its selection criteria.

Send in your application with all the required information. This entails being mindful of the number of words or pages required or any other specific requirements you are requested to meet.

Adapt your cover letter to the scholarship’s objectives. Avoid using the same cover letter for all scholarship applications.

This can involve showcasing your enthusiasm for the field the scholarship is meant to further.

Prepare your Documents

Usually, this will be a cover letter, your CV, academic transcripts, and statements from referees. International students will also need to demonstrate English competency.

Use formal but plain language. Be polite but clear.

Keep in mind that your application needs to stand out from the competition. Make your essay simple to read and comprehend for the selection committee.

  • This entails uniform formatting (i.e., no tiny fonts or compressed margins), white space, header structures, and crystal-clear, unambiguous language – and no errors! Thoroughly review it for errors.
  • A helpful tip is to read it aloud to yourself to ensure that it flows and contains no additional (or missing!) words.

Where you’re providing an example to demonstrate your suitability, try to break it down into:

  • The situation, problem, or opportunity
  • Your role and what you actually did
  • The outcome, including who was affected.

Likewise, if a referee is writing a statement on your behalf, ask them to follow this format.

If you are submitting your CV, this should also be tailored to target the scholarship criteria. Remove irrelevant detail and consider how your academic accomplishments and the duties of any listed roles demonstrate how you meet these criteria.

When a member of the selection panel is scanning through your application, everything they see should reinforce your suitability for the scholarship – not make them wonder about its relevance.

Submit your Application on Time

The last thing you want is to put hours of hard work into your scholarship applications, only to find out you’ve missed the deadline. Double-check the due dates and mark them in your calendar to make sure you don’t miss out.

Scholarship explained

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