UOW Scholarships: The University of Wollongong (UOW) is pleased to offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate scholarships to both domestic and international students. to be a recipient of this information, read on for more information.

UOW Scholarships

These scholarships honor and support students who have excelled in the classroom, in leadership roles within the community, and in athletic endeavors.

With equitable scholarships and grant programs, they are also devoted to helping students who face obstacles in their educational pursuits due to their circumstances or other factors.

List of UOW Scholarships

There is so many scholarships program available at UOW for domestic and international students, carefully go through the information below and apply for any scholarship that you are eligible for:

Aunty Mary Davis Scholarship for Indigenous Teacher Education

The University of Wollongong has a strong commitment to educating Indigenous people. One Indigenous student who wants to become a teacher is given a scholarship each year through the Auntie Mary Davis Scholarship for Teacher Education.

To be eligible for this award, applicants must complete both a UOW scholarship application and a UAC Equity application.

Closing Date: 21st Apr 2024

St Georges Basin Community Equity Scholarship

The Saint Georges Basin Country Club and the NSW ClubGRANTS Program, a program committed to supporting neighborhood community development, have developed the St Georges Basin Community Equality Scholarship. Since 2004, the Club has been providing financial aid to Shoalhaven-based students.

With this scholarship, the Club hopes to give back to the neighborhood by helping local students realize their academic and professional ambitions.

You must apply for the UAC Equity Scholarship as well in order to be considered for this scholarship. Application for the UAC Equity Scholarship will start on April 5, 2024.

Closing Date: 28th April 2024

The Stevenson Family Scholarship in Social Work

The Stevenson Family Scholarship in Social Work is intended to assist prospective students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Social Work in order to better the lives of others.

This scholarship’s main objective is to “assist the helpers,” or to recognize students who are dedicated to giving back to their communities and who are motivated to use their tertiary education to pursue careers in the community services sector.

Candidates will be required to submit a statement highlighting their dedication and passion for a career in the community/social services area as well as their participation in community-enhancing initiatives.

Students who are of legal age are strongly urged to apply. Selection will be based on shortlisting and interview

Closing Date:  19th March 2024

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Destination Australia scholarship program

The Australian Government has teamed with the University of Wollongong (UOW) to offer the Destination Australia scholarship program. Both domestic and foreign students will be supported by this new program to pursue studies in regional Australia.

Application Deadline:  19th March 2024

Apply Here

International Students UOW Scholarship

UOW is aware of the significance of scholarships in helping you decide whether to study abroad. As a result, UOW provides a variety of scholarships for candidates interested in undergraduate or graduate education.

Also, they can provide information about scholarships provided by both international and Australian government agencies.

University of Wollongong Diplomat Scholarship

A total amount of 30% off of the minimum length of a qualified course’s tuition fees.

Enrollment Requirement:

Bachelor’s degree at UOW (only on Australian campuses); includes honors degrees started the year after graduation, but excludes doctoral degrees in medicine, nutrition and dietetics, exercise science and rehabilitation, education, social work, and psychology.

No application is necessary. This scholarship will be automatically considered for students. There are countless scholarships available.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the scholarships students must;

1. Enroll in any UOW undergraduate course in 2024 (Australian campuses only). Excluding; Nutrition and Dietetics, Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, Education, Social Work, and Psychology.

2. Be an international student

3. Have excellent results in one of the following categories:

  • Australian Year 12 or equivalent international secondary school qualification;
  • Foundation Studies programs approved for direct admission to Bachelor degrees and offered at an institution recognized by UOW;
  • Diploma or other academic pathway program approved for admission with credit exemption from an institution with which UOW has a formal agreement;

4. Not be in receipt of any other scholarship, sponsorship, bursary, or discount

5. Be a holder of an Australia Diplomatic visa 955

Faculty of Science, Medicine, and Health International Schools Scholarship

Total value: 50% tuition fee waiver

The applicable study areas are Bachelor’s degrees within the Faculty of Science, Medicine, and Health

*excluding Doctor of Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Exercise Science and Rehabilitation, Education, Social Work, and Psychology.

Citizenship requirements: Indian citizen

Number of scholarships available: Two (2) per school

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

1. Students may be eligible if they have an 85% average mark in their final results for the Indian High School Certificate (or equivalent).

2. Must have completed his or her secondary education at one of the below schools;

  • Maheshwari Public School
  • Edmunds Educational Society.
  • Mayo College
  • Sanskar School

3. The scholarship is available to students enrolling in a Bachelor’s degree within the Science, Medicine, and Health Faculty, excluding Doctor of Medicine; Nursing, Nutrition & Dietetics, Exercise Science and rehabilitation, Education, Social Work, and Psychology (all degrees).

4. Must be an Indian citizen who is currently residing in India.

Humanitarian Scholarship

Total amount: 100% tuition fee discount $5,000 Stipend (Annually) $1000 per scholarship funded by BUPA.

Duration: Length of degree, up to 3.5 years.

Number of scholarships available: Two (2)

Enrolment requirement: Any onshore, coursework degree at UOW

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must;

1. Hold either temporary protection/humanitarian/safe haven visas or are on a bridging visa with a pending application for a protection visa. These include the following specific visa types:

  • Temporary Humanitarian Stay Visa (Subclass 449)
  • Temporary Protection Visa (Subclass 785)
  • Temporary Humanitarian Visa (Subclass 786)
  • Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (Subclass 790)
  • Bridging Visa A (Subclass 010) and have made an application for a Protection Visa / Asylum
  • Bridging

2. Remain on the applicable visa as per application requirements

3. Not eligible for a Commonwealth Support Place and/or Assistance

4. Maintain enrolment at the University of Wollongong at an Australian onshore campus

5. Be full-time or part-time however stipend will be capped at the minimum duration of the course offer.

Applications close on 2 March 2024.

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Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

Total Amount: 30% tuition fee reduction for the minimum duration of an eligible course

Enrolment requirement: Masters’ (coursework) degree at UOW (Australian campuses only)

Excluding – Master of Psychology (Clinical), Clinical Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Dietetics, Teaching, Social Work (Qualifying), or Doctor of Medicine

Citizenship requirements: International student

Application type: No application is required. Students will automatically be considered for this scholarship.

Number of scholarships available: Unlimited

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the scholarship students must;

1. Be commencing new coursework for a Master’s degree at UOW (Australian campuses only) in 2023 excluding Doctor of Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics, Exercise Physiology, Teaching, Social Work, and Psychology degrees.

2. Have excellent academic results (75+ WAM or equivalent)

3. Be an international student

4. Not be in receipt of any other scholarship, sponsorship, bursary, or discount

Academic achievement and leadership potential will be taken into consideration when choosing the UOW Vice-Leadership Chancellor’s Scholars. If you are a natural leader who excels at inspiring others and serving as a role model at your school or in your community, you are qualified to apply for this grant.

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