The University of California Masters Scholarship: For the spring semester of 2024, International House Berkeley is now accepting applications from exceptional students for room and board. So if you are up for your master’s degree, then this scholarship is for you. Carefully read to know its eligibility requirements.

University of California Masters Scholarship

I-House has a positive impact on the world by creating global citizens with excellent leadership abilities and cross-cultural knowledge. The first step in achieving this goal is to make the I-House Experience accessible to students from various national and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The University of California Masters Scholarship

International students can take advantage of the I-House Scholarship program’s opportunity to see cultures from all over the world up close and personal while also learning about the racial and economic diversity of the United States as I-House residents.

Due to the donations of many generous alumni and friends to International House, partial room and board scholarships may be provided to help deserving students reside at International House.

Eligibility Requirements

1. Upper-division (junior or senior) undergraduate or graduate students enrolled full-time in a UC Berkeley program leading to a degree.

  • The following students are ineligible: visiting scholars, extension students, summer resident students, and exchange students.

2. Evidence of a financial need

3. A 3.0 GPA or higher

4. A verified lodging arrangement for the term or academic year you are applying for. (For undergraduate students, a double occupancy room; for graduate students, a low-priced single or a regular single).

  • Contracts for large or premium rooms are not acceptable to recipients of IH financial aid.
  • Students at UC Berkeley who have completed enough credits to be considered sophomore-level are eligible to apply for housing and financial aid.

5. All application steps must be finished and submitted, together with any necessary supporting documentation.

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Application Procedure

  • Spring 2023 applications are now closed!

Please read the eligibility requirements.

The I-House Financial Aid application is composed of two forms plus documents to email:

Step One: Fill in and submit the Financial Aid Application Registration Form(link is external)

Step Two: Download the Student Budget Form(PDF file) (PDF file) to your computer and rename it with your last, and first name, then fill in the required fields within the document.

Step Three: Send all of the following documents via one email to the scholarship team at [email protected](link sends e-mail):

The completed budget form from Step Two;

  • Personal Statement of 500 words or less, along with a 150-word summary of key points for the committee in one text or Word document, saved by your last, first name;
  • Your unofficial transcript showing your GPA;
  • For U.S. or Permanent Residents, include your FAFSA form (allow three days to receive it).

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