UCLA acceptance rate; If you are seeking admission into UCLA, you may be wondering what kind of acceptance rate the college has. This is an important question to ask as acceptance rates have gone down lately. This article will give you the relevant information you need about UCLA.

UCLA Acceptance Rate

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) admissions are more selective with low acceptance rates. Definitely, a College acceptance rate is one of the many things you should consider when applying to a school.

As a result, schools publish their acceptance rates to help students understand how possible or impossible it might be to gain admission.

Consequently, Top schools across the country pride themselves on their low acceptance rates. Thus, the acceptance rate can be one indicator of a school’s quality.

UCLA is one of the most well-regarded schools in the country. The UCLA acceptance rate shows how difficult it is to get in. UCLA acceptance rate, UCLA GPA requirements, or UCLA SAT requirements are the most reasonable factors you need to gain acceptance.

So, just be aware that if your GPA only slightly exceeds the average GPA requirements for UCLA, it might be a reach school for you. Therefore, this article is all you need to stay informed about everything concerning UCLA

What is UCLA’s acceptance rate?

The University of California Los Angeles acceptance rate is just one statistic to think about. It shouldn’t discourage you from submitting a UCLA application.UCLA’s acceptance rate for incoming students, as published on the UCLA admissions website, is 11%.

However, this single number does not tell the full information story. UCLA acceptance rates vary based on where you live and where you submit your UCLA application. International students, for example, typically experience lower college acceptance rates than domestic applicants.

In addition, the acceptance rate for UCLA varies between the different departments on campus. For example, the School of Music, for example, has a college acceptance rate of around 20%.

However, the school’s acceptance rates for the Schools of Architecture and Performing Arts are both less than 5%.In addition, the UCLA School of Engineering, its second-largest college, only accepts 8% of students.

As a result,  students who need admission in these disciplines may have a harder time getting into UCLA, than students in the College of Letters and Science, which has a 13% UCLA acceptance rate.


How to understand UCla acceptance rates

Consequently, UCLA’s acceptance rate is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the total number of applicants.

Then, you multiply that result by 100. Because UCLA admissions accepted 15,028 students out of a total of 139,490 applicants, their acceptance rate for 2021 was 10.7%, which rounds up to 11%Also by 2020 UCLA’s acceptance rate was 8.6%.

There is no single formula for how to get into UCLA—the UCLA acceptance rate is just one factor in the overall UCLA admissions process. Furthermore, an 11% UCLA acceptance rate does not mean that every applicant has an 11% chance of acceptance.

In addition, this acceptance rate estimated above varies each year depending on the total number of applicants in a year. Also, The results also showed that UCLA prioritized local applicants, as they made up the greater amount of accepted applications. This is something that students should consider when they are applying to UCLA.

Why is UCLA’s acceptance rate low?

Many students may be wondering why the acceptance rate for UCLA has become so low recently. This is a commonly asked question as the acceptance rate for this college is as low as it has ever been for applicants.

The direct answer is that UCLA has started to experience more and more applicants over the last few years. It is not necessarily accepting fewer students, it is simply receiving more applications which is driving its acceptance rate down.

This is mostly due to the fact that more and more students are looking to get into college each year. College is more in demand, which is making the spots in colleges more sought after and harder to get into.

A low acceptance rate creates more competition for the spots that are available, making it harder to gain acceptance into that college.

UCLA admission requirements

The UCLA admissions team considers many factors when looking at a given student. These include the UCLA GPA requirements, extracurricular involvement, and other elements of the UCLA application.

If you want to apply to get into UCLA, you will need to have a GPA of at least 3.0. This is the lowest score that is set as a requirement if you want to be able to get into this college as a resident applicant.

There are also UCLA SAT requirements. In fact, if you want to get into UCLA, the average SAT score for accepted students is usually 1405 out of 1600. This is a relatively high score that helps students to stand out in the application process.

The university system does not really rely on  SAT scores when reviewing your UCLA application. However, students with high SAT test scores stand greater chances of getting admission.

Since UCLA does not only rely on test scores, there aren’t any special UCLA SAT requirements. However, there are other ways you can strengthen your application.

Increase your chances of UCLA enrollment by exceeding the average GPA for UCLA.  Writing strong responses to the Personal Insight Questions, and showing character through extracurricular activities.

As you complete your UCLA application, it can be easy to focus on the low UCLA acceptance rate. However, these numbers don’t tell you everything. Instead of focusing only on college acceptance rates, we implore you to explore what a college has to offer and whether it is a good fit for your goals.

Just because a college has a low acceptance rate does not mean that it is the best-fit college for you. So, beyond looking into UCLA acceptance rates, also researched the academics, campus environment, and school culture.

UCLA acceptance rate for international students

According to the UCLA admissions website, in 2019, the UCLA acceptance rate for out-of-state students was 16%. This is in comparison to 12% for in-state students. However, this figure represents a sharp decrease from 23% in 2017 and 22% in 2018.


Also, note that the UCLA GPA requirements tend to be higher for out-of-state students. The UCLA GPA requirements for non-residents state that these students must earn at least a 3.4 with no grades below a C. Despite these requirements, international applicants also report higher test scores than their domestic counterparts

These trends represent a gradual shift in UCLA admissions policy toward admitting more California residents. Across the UC system, in-state college acceptance rates are rising while out-of-state college acceptance rates are falling.

Therefore, students from outside California face more pressure to excel in their UCLA application. This leads to higher UCLA GPA requirements and UCLA SAT requirements for those applicants.

FAQs about UCLA

Is it hard to get into UCLA?

UCLA is a pretty competitive school, accepting only 14 out of every 100 students that apply. For this reason,  with a perfect GPA you will gain acceptance; getting into UCLA requires profile differentiation and hard work. Thousands of candidates apply every year.

Can an International Student get admission into UCLA with a 3.0 GPA

For non-resident applicants, you must have a GPA score of 3.4 in order to be considered for UCLA. This is the lowest score that you can get to even meet the considerations as an acceptable applicant for this college.

UCLA applicants are also required to not have any scores lower than a C in their high school transcripts. The better your high school grades, the more you will stand out in your application for this college.

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