If you’re a high school student, you’ve heard about the Smysor Scholarship Windsor, Illinois, at some point or another. But what is it exactly? You may want to know. We have all the information you need to know about this scholarship in this article. Prepare yourself for it.

Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois

The Smysor Scholarship is a merit-based initiative that focuses on giving financial support to high school students who exhibit leadership skills, great academic achievement, and community service.

The student must be excellent in academics, their leadership quality must be top-notch, and their drive within their school and community to help better their hometown of Windsor, Illinois, and the people around them.

About Smysor Scholarship Windsor Illinois

The John D. Smysorr Educational Foundation, Inc. was established to offer scholarships, particularly to graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated their deserving status by their prior academic performance.

They must have demonstrated their potential through a track record of accomplishments in sports and the classroom. They must also be determined to be in urgent need of financial support in order to pursue their post-secondary education objectives.

The John D. Smysor Foundation offers renewable two-year scholarships of up to $4,000 for up to ten (10) qualified students each year in an effort to support student-athletes who have chosen to pursue their careers and who seek to improve their academic skills.

The program is not solely based on performance or athletic records. One benefit is that participation in any particular sport or team at a higher education institution is not necessary.

Students may also get many awards each year, which means they are only eligible to receive the scholarship once in their lifetime.

The foundation has put measures in place to make sure that no one is being taken advantage of and to make sure that the scholarship is not based on bias.

Scholarship Eligibility and Requirement

1. This scholarship is majorly for high school seniors who are about to graduate and those who plan to enroll in a college/university and have been accepted into an undergraduate program.

2. A scholarship will be awarded to a student who has demonstrated consistent effort in academics, commitment, and achievement throughout their high school career and athletic record.

3. Scholarships will be awarded on academic merit, nothing else.

4. Only the financially disadvantaged students and significant extracurricular activities that demonstrate would consider leadership qualities.

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1. Applicants will need a high school or college transcript of the following: ACT or SAT scores (if applicable) as the case may be and college financial aid information.

2. Additionally, important factors in selecting applicants are talent and community involvement. After completing their college education, winners are required to accept living and working in one of Illinois’ nine (9) central counties, including LaSalle, Livingston, Macoupin, Madison, and Pike, for at least three (3) years after graduation.

3. Prior awardees must be able to provide documentation proving their work or enrollment status and must successfully complete their verification process before their eligibility for the scholarship and the amount of the grant are renewed.

Who is Eligible to Apply

The John L., Harry L., and Catherine H. Smysor Scholarships are currently open to current high school seniors and graduates of Windsor High School and dependents of Windsor High School alumni.

How to Apply

If you are a high school student, there are chances that, at one point or another, you have heard of the Smysor Scholarship. Here’s how you can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship application form is not out yet. Bookmark this page to get updated when the form is out.

Interested applicants must complete the Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation Common Scholarship application, a general application for everyone that determines the applicant’s eligibility for one or more of the Community Foundation’s scholarships.

Once submitted, applicants may be required to give supplemental information for additional applications.

Application Deadline

The deadline for 2024 hasn’t been fixed yet.

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