December 3, 2023

Set a Timer on iPhone 14 Camera: Using the self-timer on your iPhone’s native Camera app, it is simple to include yourself in the photograph. For taking a group photo with friends, the iPhone photo timer’s three- or ten-second delay options are excellent. Let’s begin to work on learning how to set a timer for your iPhone camera!

Set a Timer on iPhone 14 Camera

The camera apps for the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro allow users to capture timed photos, just like on older iPhone models. For hands-free shooting, the iPhone 14 camera’s time delay setting is a terrific feature that is useful in a variety of scenarios.

To take long exposure photos of moving objects like light trails or waterfalls, for example, you can add a delay. You can also take a group photo with your iPhone mounted on a tripod by using the 10-second delay timer.

You can snap excellent selfies with the rear camera and obtain better macro and low-light images by turning on the camera timer.

You can use the self-timer or camera timer to take somewhat better images by setting a timer on the iPhone 14 camera. Using the iPhone’s native camera app, there are two timing options: three and ten seconds.

How to Set Timer on iPhone Camera

You may use the picture timer on your iPhone to take self-portraits, travel alone and incorporate yourself in group photos without having to squeeze everyone into a selfie.

Using the photo timer on an iPhone 13, iPhone 14, or prior model is as follows:

1. Start the Camera App: Set up your desired photo, making sure to leave space for you.

2. At the very top of your screen, click the arrow.

3. On the timer icon, tap.

4. You will have the option of using a 3-second or 10-second timer. Choose the preferred delay period.

5. Once the countdown is complete, press the shutter button. Your iPhone camera’s flash will blink as the timer is counting down.

6. This should give you enough time to either take the photo yourself or steady your phone to prevent blurry pictures!

In conclusion, all it takes is that! Now that you know how to utilize your iPhone’s self-timer, you may take as many family photos as you like without ever again feeling left out.

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How Does Camera Timer Work on iPhone?

A countdown timer appears on the screen before automatically taking a picture once you push the shutter button and set a delay timer (3s or 10s). The countdown is also indicated by the camera flashlight blinking once every second.

It is important to keep in mind that while using the timer option, the iPhone takes a burst shot of 10 photos as opposed to just one. On the iPhone 14, you can also set a camera timer for both the front and back cameras.

How to Set a Timer on iPhone 14 without Burst?

One can select the best photograph from 10 burst photos when using the timer’s burst mode. You take many pictures of the same subject at once, even when you don’t need to.

Unfortunately, when utilizing the timer, there is no way to turn off Burst mode. But, you can disable burst mode on the self-timer with a simple workaround.

Simply switch to Live Photo, or Portrait, or turn on your iPhone’s flash to use the camera timer without Burst on the iPhone 14. The Burst mode won’t start when you take a picture now with the timer on.

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