February 22, 2024

Scholarships for Latinos: Financial aid and scholarship opportunities can reduce the cost of attending college. There are numerous scholarships worth researching for students who identify as Hispanic or Latino. Keep reading for more information.

Scholarships for Latinos

Latino students usually have significant financial struggles related to going to college.

These can include being a member of a migrant family, coming from a low socioeconomic background, or being the first person in their family to go to college.

List of Scholarships for Latinos

For Latino students, scholarships and grants tailored specifically to their needs are crucial resources.

A list of these resources is provided below, along with details on eligibility requirements, application dates, and award amounts.

1. Chicana Latina Foundation

Amount: $1500

Every year 40–45 students are chosen by CLF to participate in the Leadership & Scholarship Program. Awardees will take part in the following activities over the course of a year as part of the program:

  • Awardees will attend all Leadership Institute sessions in August 2023 and February 2024
  • Awardees will receive a scholarship of $1,500, which is split into two payments.
  • Awards will be invited to attend the Annual Award Dinner in January 2024.
  • Awardees will act as CLF Ambassadors for 10 hours during the 2024 Application cycle by completing outreach on their campuses

Apply Here

2. NBCUniversal Media Scholarship

The goal of the NBCUniversal Media Scholarship Program is to help and support outstanding undergraduate Latino students who are enrolled in a U.S. post-secondary institution and have a passion for the media and entertainment sector.

The Program, which is sponsored by NBCUniversal and run by the LULAC National Educational Service Centers, provides ten (10) $5,000 national scholarships to deserving rising sophomores and juniors (LNESC).

The $5,000 scholarship award will be split into two equal payments of $2,500 each, to be made in the fall and spring. Scholarships expire after one year.

To be eligible for the second scholarship disbursement, recipients must be enrolled as full-time students and maintain a cumulative college grade point average of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or the equivalent.

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3. ACS Scholars Program

Each year, more than 300 students receive scholarships worth over $1 million through the ACS Scholars Program. This award, which is renewable, is targeted toward minority students who want to work in the chemical sciences.

To be eligible, you must be a Hispanic or Latino, have a 3.0 GPA, be a senior in high school or in any year of college, be a citizen of the United States or have legal permanent status. You may be awarded up to $5,000 per academic year if chosen.

Scholarship Timeline

Completed application and required documents must be submitted by March 1st annually

Dec 1st: Application Opens

Mar 1st: Application Closes

May 15th: Results Announced

Aug 15th: Scholarship Checks Sent

Apply Here

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4. TheDream.US National Scholarship

Applications are open to undocumented immigrant students with or without DACA or TPS who came to the U.S. before the age of 16 and before Nov. 1, 2017.

The award is renewable each year – you simply have to meet the continuing eligibility criteria.

This scholarship may be for you if you are undocumented and…:

  • You are or are about to be a high school graduate; OR
  • You have or are about to earn a GED; OR
  • You have been or are currently enrolled in a community college or university.

Application Deadline

The application for the 2024-25 National Scholarship will open on November 1, 2023, and close on February 28, 2024. Final notifications will be sent via email in late April 2024.

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5. ALCOA Fund Scholarship

African American and Hispanic students who have graduated from a Catholic school in Greater Cleveland or the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are eligible for the ALCOA Fund Scholarship (preferably Cuyahoga County).


The size of the award will depend on the amount of money that is available and how many applications are chosen. Prior prizes have ranged between $2,000 and $5,000.

College Now will formally notify the selected recipient of the award (s). Awards will be made to the institution, and they must be used to pay for the tuition, fees, books, materials, and/or equipment needed for coursework.

Application Deadline: March 15th, 2024

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6. Gates Scholarship

Outstanding minority high school graduates from low-income families are eligible for The Gates Prize (TGS), a highly selective, last-dollar scholarship.

The scholarship is given out annually to outstanding student leaders with the goal of assisting them in reaching their full potential.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) or the method utilized by the Scholar’s college or university will be used to establish the Award Scholar’s entire cost of attendance that is not already covered by other financial aid and the anticipated family contribution.

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7. AMS Scholarship

Students that have been historically underrepresented in the sciences, particularly those who are Hispanic, Native American, and Black/African American, will receive support through the AMS Scholarship for Underserved Communities.

Donations to the AMS Annual Giving Program are used to pay for the scholarships.

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) values the full and equal participation of a diverse population and recognizes its benefits.

In all facets of the atmospheric, oceanographic, and hydrologic sciences, AMS is dedicated to advancing the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, and equity.

Scholarship Award

The $6,000 two-year scholarship amounts to $3000 each year for the first- and second-year students (second-year funding depends on the successful completion of the first academic year).

Application Deadline: February 24th, 2024

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8. Latinos in Technology Scholarship

Up to 100 scholarships with a maximum value of $30,000 are available from the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley (paid out over three years).

Recipients must be of Hispanic or Latino descent and enrolled in a STEM program.

Undergraduate students entering their junior or senior year or community college students transferring to a four-year institution are eligible for this scholarship.

You must have a GPA of at least 3.0 and intend to attend a university in one of the northern California counties that qualify.

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9. ULAC National Scholarship Fund

LULAC’s educational arm, the LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc., provides a range of scholarships for graduating high school seniors as well as undergraduate and graduate college students (LNESC).

By offering scholarships worth between $250 and $2,000, the LULAC National Scholarship Fund assists young people in underserved areas.

The selection committee considers elements including academic achievement, motivation, genuineness, and involvement in the community when choosing winners.

Only states with a participating LULAC Council, which is updated annually, are eligible for this scholarship.

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10. Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Latino students of all ages, from high school seniors to graduate students, can apply for scholarships through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.

Although all academic fields are welcome, a focus is placed on STEM fields. Additionally, students in college must have a GPA of 2.5, while high school students must have a GPA of 3.0. The range of awards is $500 to $5,000.

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