December 3, 2023

RTP scholarship is funded by the Australian government and is worth up to $124,000, the Research Training Program (RTP) scholarships cover both living expenses and tuition fees for high-quality international postgraduate students.

RTP Scholarship

About RTP Scholarship (International)

Higher education providers (HEPs) receive block grants from the Research Training Program (RTP) on a calendar-year basis to support domestic and international students pursuing research doctorates and research master’s degrees, often known as higher degrees by research (HDRs).

The objectives of the RTP scheme are to:

1. To assist in the training of domestic students and international students completing HDRs at Australian HEPs, flexible funding arrangements should be made available.

2. provide graduates with the abilities needed to pursue professions in the academic and other fields of the workforce

3. Encourage interaction between HEPs, businesses, and other research end users.

4. Encourage international students enrolled in HDR programs at Australian HEPs.

5. Students can be offered RTP Scholarships for one or more of the following:

  • Tuition Fees Offset
  • Stipend for general living costs
  • Allowances related to the ancillary cost of research degrees.


The RTP stipends are valued at $37, 207 per annum (2024 rate). The RTP International Scholarship provides a stipend to assist with living costs and overseas health coverage as well as tuition fees offsets (i.e. no tuition fees are applicable).

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Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Who’s eligible, you must:

1. Be a commencing or enrolled international postgraduate research student

2. Have an outstanding record of academic achievement and research potential

3. Have an unconditional offer of admission or be currently enrolled in a master’s by research or Ph.D. at the University of Sydney.

How to Apply

1. Scholarships for RTP stipends are given out between February and November. Hence, in order for your admission application and proof of your research experience (if applicable) to be taken into account during the appropriate award deadline, you must submit all necessary documentation.

  • Please be aware that you might learn the results of your RTP scholarship at a period different than when you receive your study offer.

2. RTP scholarships are highly sought after and awarded on the basis of academic merit. A stellar academic record is typically required, and any research publications will be highly valued.

3. Currently enrolled HDR students must apply here.

4. Commencing students should select the check box to be considered for research scholarships when completing the admission application for their postgraduate research degree. A separate application is not required.

5. Refer to the documents for applicants for details of selection criteria, process, and additional documentation required if applicable.

When are Applications Open?

For overseas students, there will be three primary intakes in March, September, and December. Nonetheless, you should confirm the date for submitting an application for admission to the degree with your faculty.

What are Research Periods?

There are four research windows available for you to begin your study with us each year. The first and second research periods of the year run, and the third and fourth research periods run in the second half.

All four research period admissions are only available through the Faculty of Science.

I’m an International Student, how far in advance should I Apply for a Scholarship?

It depends on how long it takes to process your particular visa application. While applying for admission, it is usually preferable to take this time into consideration since certain visa applications might take up to 12 weeks.

Generally speaking, it is ideal to complete and submit your scholarship application six months before you intend to start. This should give you enough time to accept your scholarship award, apply for your visa, and then obtain it.

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