February 22, 2024

RTP Indigenous HDR Scholarships are given to Indigenous candidates pursuing research doctorates based on their academic excellence and research potential. Read on for more information.

RTP Indigenous HDR Scholarships

About RTP Indigenous HDR Scholarships

The Research Training Program provides financial support for the RMIT Indigenous HDR Scholarships (RIHS).

Every scholarship application must show that the applicant has contacted the senior supervisor. This needs to be included in your application as a separate file.

In the appropriate section of your application, you must list the names of academic staff members who have agreed to supervise your proposed research and provide email proof of their support.

Eligibility Requirements

The University’s commitment to equality and diversity is taken into account during the fair, transparent, merit-based selection process that determines recipients of RMIT Indigenous HDR Scholarships.

You must fulfill the requirements for RMIT scholarships in order to be eligible for an RIHS scholarship. If you have considerable research experience or prior publications, you will also be given scholarship consideration.

Candidates with special circumstances may be qualified for part-time RIHS (e.g. for medical reasons or due to significant care commitments).

Scholarships for part-time study are not tax-exempt.

Competitive Selection

Through the University’s research scholarship rounds, these awards are made. The ranking system used for all scholarship applicants has been approved by the RMIT Research Committee.

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Application Process and Deadline

Applications for RMIT Indigenous HDR Scholarships are accepted throughout the year.

Scholarship applications are currently being accepted for the March 2024 start of classes. The following deadline applies in order to be taken into consideration for beginning in March 2024:

For domestic applicants, October 14th.

Terms and Conditions

Please be aware that eligibility for these scholarships depends on applicants becoming registered with RMIT’s Ngarara Willim Centre, which provides specialized support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

You must begin your studies as a scholarship recipient during the application period for the award.

are unable to postpone their education for a year. If a postponement is necessary and you are unable to accept your award, you must reapply the following year.

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