Ross Gift Card Check Balance: If you own a Ross gift card and want to find the current amount, you’ve come to the correct spot! We’ve listed three options for you to try. Continue reading!

Ross Gift Card Check BalanceThe first option is to check your Ross gift card balance online, the second is to call the Ross gift card balance phone number, and the third is to see if you can acquire the available amount at a Ross shop.

To find out what your gift card’s current balance is, you will need the card number on the front and, in most instances, the PIN or security code on the back.

If you need to know how much is left on your Ross gift card again, we recommend bookmarking this page so you can quickly and easily get this information, since the processes may have changed since your last visit.


Ross Check the Balance on Your Gift Card

Ross does not provide many methods for checking gift card balances. There are only two methods to achieve this:

  • In-store
  • By phone

How to Check Your Ross Gift Card Balance In-Store

To check the balance on your Ross gift card:

  • Visit the nearest Ross store.
  • Approach a staff member.
  • Ask them to check your remaining gift card balance.
  • Provide all the information they request.

How to Perform a Ross Gift Card Balance Check by Phone

To check your gift card balance over the phone:

  • Call Ross Customer Service at 800-335-1115.
  • Ask the customer support person to check your remaining amount.
  • Provide the relevant information.

How to Check Your Gift Card Balance?

An online check is not accessible. Please visit the nearby shop.

Check Balances at Stores:

  • You can access Ross stores to get card balance services.
  • Use Store Locator to find the addresses of stores near you.
  • To search, put your zip code or state name into the search field and click the “Search” button.
  • View the results and choose the nearest retail location to visit.


Check Balance with Customer Service:

Follow this approach. If you need help checking your balance, contact customer service.

  • Call 1-800-237-8764 for online customer help.
  • You must concentrate on customer support instructions.
  • To check your card balance, choose the helpdesk extension.
  • In the following stage, enter the card number and wait.
  • You will be notified of your gift card balance.

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