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Regents Scholarship: Regent’s University London offers a number of scholarships to help with the cost of tuition fees. You can also apply for loans, sponsorship, or other funding opportunities to help finance your studies.

Regents Scholarship


A part of the tuition for qualified University of Minnesota workers enrolled in credit-bearing courses is covered by the Regents Scholarship Program. The Regents Scholarship provides for:

  • 100% of the tuition cost for eligible employees who are admitted to a degree-seeking program and are earning their first baccalaureate degree
  • 75% of the tuition cost for all other eligible employees enrolled in courses covered under the Regents Scholarship Program

Scholarship Employee Eligibility

Faculty, P&A, civil service, and labor-represented personnel who hold 75 to 100 percent time appointments for the whole semester in which the course is taken are eligible for the Regents Scholarship Program.

Employees on authorized leaves of absence from qualifying appointments are also eligible for this program.

If they were employed during the previous spring term and will be employed during the subsequent fall term, eligible personnel on academic year appointments are eligible to use this program for summer session courses.

Former eligible civil service and labor-represented employees who are on the layoff list may apply for the Regents Scholarship Program with the necessary approval.

Employees who meet the requirements for admission to the University’s credit-bearing courses must be enrolled in those courses.

When an employee leaves the university before the semester is over, the Regents Scholarship will reimburse a prorated portion of the tuition that it would have otherwise paid, equal to the amount of time the employee was employed during the term of enrollment.

The program will pay the appropriate amount of tuition for the whole semester in which an employee’s appointment ends if it is not renewed or extended due to a layoff.

Scholarship Benefit

  • Costs Covered

Only the specified percentage of tuition prices (100 percent or 75 percent) for undergraduate, graduate school, or post-baccalaureate professional course hours, including thesis credits, are covered by the Regents Scholarship Program.

A non-resident tuition waiver will be provided with the employee’s tuition benefits if they are not residents of Minnesota.

NOTE: In situations where the course is typically offered under a fee-only structure, rather than a tuition and-fee structure, an appropriately determined amount of the fee, consistent with the level and credits of the course, may be designated as a tuition equivalent by the offering unit.

  • Costs not Covered

Employees must cover 25% of their tuition costs if they are not pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

Any employees who are recipients of Regents Scholarships are responsible for covering all non-tuition costs (such as books, materials, technology, and late fees) related to the courses they register for.

The employee’s student receivable account is charged for both tuition and non-tuition costs.

It is not permitted to use departmental, professional development, scholarship, or grant money to pay the employee contribution component of the tuition.

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Scholarship Eligible Courses

1. Courses Covered

The only courses having grades of A-F or S-N that are offered for academic credit and are covered by the Regents Scholarship Program are those.

This curriculum includes both independent study credit courses and Online and Distance Learning (ODL) training.

The for-credit requirement may be waived for preparatory math courses delivered for no credit, and these courses are covered under this program.

2. Courses not covered under this program include:

  • Non-credit courses offered through the College of Continuing and Professional Studies (CCAPS) or other University departments
  • Preparatory courses such as GMAT or MCAT
  • CARLSON Executive MBA Program
  • Academic Distributed Computer Services short courses
  • Student Union mini-courses
  • Recreational Sports offerings
  • Study abroad courses are offered through the Learning Abroad Center (Twin Cities) and similar programs on the system campuses
  • Audited courses; and
  • Any other courses that do not qualify under Courses Covered

The University is free to limit the coverage of additional programs or courses that aren’t already covered by this policy.

Local departments and units may decide to set aside money for coursework that is not covered. Funds for courses where a tuition benefit is offered through the Regent’s Scholarship Program may not be supplemented by units.

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