February 22, 2024

RaiseMe scholarships to its purpose of assist kids in locating and enrolling in the best institution for them. We are able to fulfill this commitment thanks to their distinctive micro-scholarships platform. If you’re new to RaiseMe, you probably have questions about what a micro-scholarship is and how it may benefit you. For additional details, continue reading.

RaiseMe Scholarships

A social enterprise called RaiseMe is dedicated to increasing access to higher education, particularly for first-generation and low-income students.

Instead of waiting until graduation to earn scholarships, which is frequently too late to influence a student’s goals or preferences for college.

About RaiseMe scholarships

RaiseMe enables students to earn scholarships throughout high school, starting as early as 9th grade, for doing all the things that best prepare them to succeed, whether that’s getting good grades, volunteering in the community, or joining an extracurricular.

What is a Micro-Scholarship?

A micro-scholarship is a small grant that you can earn during high school or community college and put towards tuition at a four-year college or university.

The micro-scholarships you earn represent the minimum amount of institutional aid you will receive once you apply to a school, are accepted and enroll.

How RaiseMe Works

1. Discover Colleges

By clicking the “Follow” button, you can find out more about which universities would be a perfect fit for you, see the micro-scholarships they’re providing, and express your interest (for each school).

2. Add Your Achievements

Complete your RaiseMe Portfolio by adding each of your course grades, club involvement, sports, volunteer activities, and more.

3. Earn Scholarships for Your Achievements

For each achievement, you’ll earn a micro-scholarships from the colleges you’re Following, the sum of which you’ll be awarded when you attend that college.

4. Accessing Your Micro-Scholarship Earnings

Your total earnings previewed in RaiseMe are a minimum guarantee of the financial award that you will receive from a 4-year institution if you apply and are accepted.

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How to  Earn a Micro-Scholarship?

With a RaiseMe student profile, students can enter their grades, hobbies, honors and awards, community service, and other achievements into their profile and get rewarded for these activities by colleges.

Got an A or B? Earn a micro-scholarship. Captain of your soccer team? Earn a micro-scholarship. Won your robotics competition?

Yes, you guessed it you’ll earn a micro-scholarship. The number of achievements you can earn is incredibly expansive.

Does the Money Come from RaiseMe?

The money that students earn through micro scholarships is not awarded by RaiseMe. Instead, our college partners themselves provide the funding.

We now have partnerships with more than 300 schools and universities across the nation as of January 2020, and that number is expanding.

Every college has a unique micro-scholarship program where they choose which activities to reward and how much to give out for each award.

For instance, one college might give you $80 for volunteering, while another might give you $50 for your volunteer work.

You can find out what kinds of activities and skills each college values by following them on RaiseMe.

Adding successes to your RaiseMe portfolio can also assist you in discovering colleges that provide micro-scholarships in recognition of your exceptional achievements and abilities.

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