March 4, 2024

Are you aware of the top private universities in Lagos? Can you afford to study there? If yes,  Continue reading to learn more about Nigerian universities and their requirements. 

Private Universities in Lagos And Their School Fees


You will discover a complete list of institutions to study in Lagos state, together with their school costs. Continue reading to find out more!

Why Attend a Private University?

A private university has its own distinct advantage and class, and here are some of the benefits of attending one: definite graduation dates that are not subject to an extension because of strikes, increased student safety and security, better learning facilities to improve student understanding, conducive learning environment, and so on.

There are several drawbacks to attending these colleges, one of which is the cost. It is actually extremely expensive in contrast to other forms of higher education.

Therefore, if you pay money for that education, you may anticipate a higher quality; nonetheless, private colleges provide a restricted number of courses.

List of Top Private University in Lagos, Nigeria

Below is the list of private universities in Lagos, Nigeria:

1. Anchor University, Ayobo Lagos

The Deeper Christian Life Ministry owns Anchor University, a private university. The institution is located in Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos State, Nigeria’s southwestern region.

Visit their official website by clicking here.

This university is made up of three NUC-approved faculties:

  • Natural Science – N600,000 total tuition fee for the year;
  • Management and Social Science – N550,000 total tuition fee for the year; Humanities – N500,000 total tuition fee for the year
  • The university also provides housing. The entire cost of the lodging ranges from N60,000 to N200,000.


2. Christopher University Mowe

Christopher University is a brand-new private university. The university, which was founded in 2015, is located in Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria.

The annual school fees range from N420,000 to N470,000 depending on the level of pupils.


3. Southwestern University Ikeja

Southwestern University is number three. Another excellent example of a strong private institution in Nigeria is Ikeja South Western University.

It offers a diverse range of subjects. Banking and finance, international relations, mass communication, marketing, economics, business administration, microbiology, computer science, and accounting are among the most popular subjects at this university.

The entire cost of school tuition each year is N175,000. You will also be charged N25,000 for infrastructure development.



4. Redeemer’s University, Mowe

Redeemer’s University is a private university in Ede, Nigeria, near the Gbongan-Oshogbo Road. It was founded in 2005. The Redeemed Christian Church of God owns the university. The private university has a collegiate structure and grants bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The university is divided into four colleges:

  • Humanities;
  • Law.
  • Management Sciences;
  • Natural Sciences;

You will be required to pay school fees based on the semester of study. The semester’s lowest total cost is N87,000, while the highest is N655,000.

You must also pay the first-year entrance fee of N144,000 for males and N166,500 for females.


5. Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos

The Pan-Atlantic University in Lagos offers excellent educational options.

You can select out of four different courses of study:

  • Accounting – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);
  • Business Administration and Economics – N1,850,000 (first year), N1,760,000 (second year), N1,650,000 (third year), N1,650,000 (fourth year);
  • Mass Communication – N1,950,000 (first year), N1,860,000 (second year), N1,700,000 (third year), N1,700,000 (third year).



6. Caleb University, Lagos

Caleb University is yet another private university in Lagos. There are three colleges at the university: Environmental Science, Pure and Applied Science, and Social and Management Sciences.

The first semester’s tuition is N189,500. Visit the official website by clicking here.


7. Babcock University Lagos

Babcock College Lagos Babcock University is a Nigerian private Christian co-educational university. The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria owns and operates the private institution.

The university lies at Ilishan-Remo, which is halfway between Ibadan and Lagos. In 2009, there were around 6,000 students enrolled.

It is one of Nigeria’s largest private universities. Tuition at this university typically starts at about N500,000 per year.


8. Augustine University Lagos

Augustine University is a private university in Lagos state. You can choose from a wide range of courses. The cost of the course is between N250,000 to N312,000 every year.


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