PA School Scholarships: There are several PA school scholarships (physician assistant) out there and it will interest you to know that these articles contain the best that will benefit you the most. Read on.

PA School Scholarships

Healthcare providers with a variety of skills, and physician assistants are committed to serving their communities.

They can work in a variety of specialties and become anything from surgical physician assistants to physician assistants in emergency medicine.

Before you can enroll in a physician assistant program, you typically need to have a bachelor’s degree and prior experience working directly with patients in the healthcare field. 

A master’s degree will be given to PA students who complete accredited PA programs. A master’s degree and a baccalaureate degree are not the only prerequisites for becoming a physician assistant. 

A student may additionally need to obtain additional licensing depending on their state and area of specialization in order to become a PA.

About the PA School Scholarships

The average length of PA school is 26 months. Because of this, being a physician assistant is an excellent option for students who want to work one-on-one with patients in a clinical setting but don’t want to devote their time to the extensive and demanding academic requirements to become physicians.

With a projected 31% increase in employment for physician assistants between 2020 and 2030, a career as a PA is seen as a stable option. 

A PA school is a wise and profitable investment because the median annual compensation for a physician assistant is $121,530 and there are expected to be 12,200 job opportunities per year.

The additional years of tuition are due to the additional years of education needed to become a physician assistant. The cost of tuition for PA programs has been rising consistently, just like other college expenses. 

For the academic year 2017–2018, public university out-of-state students paid $93,313 for their entire program, a 5.2% increase in tuition. Public institutions‘ in-state PA enrollment saw an increase of 4.6% to $52,585.

Additionally, the complete cost of tuition for PA students’ education is not included in these tuition rates. The average cost of supplemental costs and fees, including parking, textbooks, and clinical payments, is $7,978. 

Many students seek financial aid through state or federal loan programs as a result of the high costs of PA school. Many students are burdened by substantial sums of student debt as a result of their reliance on federal student loans.   

The Best PA School Scholarships Available

These are the best PA scholarships available: 

1. Chief Lawrence J. Nemec Jr. Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Michael Bosch.

With the aid of this scholarship, five students who work as volunteer EMTs or firemen will be able to pay for their college tuition. 

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have financial need
  • Volunteer as a firefighter or EMT

Amount: $20,000

Deadline: Jan 14, 2023 

2. Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Cat Zingano

One high school or undergraduate student who is going through the loss of a close family member, legal guardian, or other loved one and needs financial assistance to continue their education will be given this scholarship. 

Eligibility: All students are eligible

Amount: $10,200

Deadline: Mar 17, 2024

3. Manny and Sylvia Weiner Medical Scholarship 

This scholarship is funded by Mezaros / Weiner Family

This award aims to help students who need financial support and are pursuing careers as doctors. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be working towards becoming an M.D.
  • Must demonstrate financial need
  • Must be in medical school or an undergraduate student in a pre-med program

Amount: $5,000 

Deadline: is Approaching! 21 days left 

4. Mark A. Jefferson Teaching Scholarship 

This scholarship is funded by Mark Jefferson

One incredibly ambitious African-American will receive help from this award as they pursue their studies to become a future educator. 

Eligibility: Must be Black

Gender: Male

GPA: 2.8 or higher

Amount: $2,475 

Deadline: Dec 08, 2023

5. Jacques Borges Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by Mona Lisa Lysinger

One student of Haitian heritage who is pursuing a degree in civil engineering and has high hopes for the future of their community will be supported by this award. 

Eligibility: Must be a Haitian

Degree: Civil Engineering

Amount: $2,000

Deadline: Jun 28, 2024

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6. Biology and Health Sciences No-Essay Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by

One student of Haitian heritage who is pursuing a degree in civil engineering and has high hopes for the future of their community will be supported by this award. 

Eligibility: Must have biology or health sciences as a field of interest

Amount: $1,000

Deadline: is Approaching! 4 days left  

How to Get a PA School Scholarship

PA students should check with their university’s financial aid office to see what opportunities are available before seeking scholarships for physician assistant education. Sometimes financial aid packages and scholarships offered by your school are not advertised elsewhere.

Even after receiving the maximum amount of institutional aid, students could still be required to cover some expenses. 

Students should start looking for external scholarships instead of relying on loan programs to cover this expense. 

Students can access scholarships for PA schools by visiting or any of the links below. College students can apply for hundreds of scholarships at 

Students merely need to create a free profile in order to apply for one of the several scholarships on Bold.

Scholarship recipients are selected based on a variety of factors. Scholarship awardees may be chosen based on academic merit or according to the number of hours of volunteer work they have completed. 

Whatever your areas of talent, there is certain to be a scholarship out there that is ideal for you.

Do PA Schools Give Scholarships?

Scholarships are frequently a significant component of the financial aid awards given by several colleges to their students.

Although you shouldn’t completely rely on financial aid from your university, PA students should always check with their financial aid office to see what institutional awards are available to them.

Outstanding PA students can pay their university tuition thanks to a variety of other subsidies.  

When Can I Start Applying?

Scholarships for PA students can be applied for as early as high school. Given the abundance of scholarships available to high school students, it is best to apply as early as feasible.

Even so, students in college can still get scholarships to help pay for their studies.

Current and prospective PA students should be aware of unique deadlines for scholarships. The better your scholarship applications will be, the earlier you start working on them. 

If you wait too long, you run the danger of hurrying and submitting applications that are below par. You should particularly put your best foot forward and demonstrate your deserved status for competitive scholarships. 

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