Ohio State University Tuition and fees may vary by major, college, and area of study. The university reserves the right to assess fees for special services and programs applicable to students.

However, Non-Ohio resident students should plan for a 5 to 10% annual increase for all costs, whereas Ohio residents are provided Ohio State’s Tuition Guarantee.

Ohio State University Tuition

Ohio State University Tuition and fees are expensive for out-of-state students and they are not eligible for some scholarships.

Therefore to get accurate information about tuition, fees, and other additional costs, keep reading this article!

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About Ohio State University

The Ohio State University (commonly referred to as Ohio State) is a prominent public research university located in Columbus, Ohio.

Established in 1870, Ohio State is one of the largest and most comprehensive universities in the United States. Here’s an overview of Ohio State University:

Ohio State’s main campus is situated in the capital city of Columbus, which is the largest and fastest-growing city in Ohio.

The campus covers more than 1,700 acres and includes a wide range of modern facilities, historic landmarks, and green spaces.

Ohio State offers a broad spectrum of academic programs, with over 200 undergraduate majors and 250 master’s and doctoral degree programs.

Without a doubt, the university is renowned for its strong emphasis on research and innovation, with numerous research centers and institutes spanning various disciplines.

Furthermore, Ohio State is home to a diverse and dynamic student body, with students coming from all 50 states and over 100 countries.

The university enrolls tens of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students annually.

In addition, the university boasts state-of-the-art facilities. This includes libraries, laboratories, cultural and recreational centers, and sports venues.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is a significant healthcare institution affiliated with the university.

In conclusion, Ohio State offers a rich cultural experience with museums, galleries, theaters, and various cultural events and performances taking place on campus.

Ohio State University Tuition and Fees for Undergraduates

The Ohio State University Tuition and Fees for Undergraduates is as follows;

For Ohio residents:

  • Tuition and fees for full-time undergraduate Ohio residents at the Columbus campus were approximately $11,518 per year.

For out-of-state residents

  • Tuition and fees for full-time undergraduate out-of-state residents at the Columbus campus were approximately $33,502 per year.

On the other hand, be sure to check Ohio State University’s official website or contact their financial aid office to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on tuition and fees.

Additionally, they may offer scholarships, grants, and financial aid options to help offset the cost of attendance

Consequently, these numbers, which are often known as the sticker price, include both tuition and fees.

Depending on the university, fees may be used to support technology resources, student centers, student centers, student gyms, and campus health clinics.

When comparing the costs of various institutions, don’t forget to take the net price and total cost into account.

The sticker price includes additional costs for personal expenses, books and supplies, lodging and board, and transportation.

The total cost of attendance at The Ohio State University is $53,833 for out-of-state students and $29,596 for in-state students.

Financial Aid Statistics

Financial aid, which is typically given based on need or merit, is money that students can use to pay for college.

Your or your family’s demonstrated capacity to pay for college is taken into account when calculating need-based help using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA.

The average amount of need-based grants and scholarships given to Ohio State University first-year students was $14,466.

Furthermore, in the autumn of 2021, 41% of first-year students got financial help based on need.

Federal loans and work-study are examples of need-based self-help assistance. For first-year students, the average amount of need-based self-help aid given out was $3,935.

Non-need-based help, often known as merit-based aid, is given out in recognition of a particular skill or academic accomplishment.

With the exception of any athletic scholarships, if any, the average non-need-based scholarship or grant given to first-year students at The Ohio State University was $6,789.

74% of the financial aid needs of Ohio State University’s students were satisfied.


You don’t have to pay back funding such as scholarships. Scholarships that are need-based take into account a student’s financial situation.

Consequently, Merit-based scholarships are given to students who excel in academics or sports.

Indeed, you can also be eligible for a scholarship based on your involvement in volunteer work, special interests, or traits. Also personal background, or the job or military experience of your parents.

Some students receive scholarships that are sufficient to pay for both their tuition and living costs.

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Ohio State Scholarships

In recognition of outstanding academic achievements, the university offers several merit scholarships for incoming first-year students entering the university fall semester of 2024.

A merit scholarship is a financial aid that does not have to be paid back.

  • Incoming first-year students to the Columbus campus compete for university-funded merit-based scholarships. International students are not eligible.
  • These scholarships cannot be combined, except for the National Buckeye Scholarship. Award amounts and criteria are subject to change without notice.
  • Scholarships have differing eligibility criteria and deadlines, so it is important that you read scholarship descriptions carefully.

Please visit the university scholarship website to explore the different scholarships available and the criteria.

  • Eminence Scholarship Program
  • Morrill Scholarship Program
  • Land Grant Opportunity Scholarship for Ohio residents
  • National Buckeye Scholarship for non-Ohio residents
  • Maximus, Provost, and Trustees Scholarships
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