The National Youth Service Corps has announced the NYSC Senate List 2024 for all Institutions. This is to advise all potential corps members that they may now access the Senate / Academic Board authorized mobilization list of their respective universities for free on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal.

NYSC Senate List

What is NYSC Senate List 2024?

The NYSC Mobilization List is another name for this list. It is a list of graduates the Senate of Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) has approved whose participation in the one-year required National Youth Service Corps Program.

Anyone whose name does not appear on the Senate list is ineligible to participate in the NYSC program. Prospective Corps members (PCMs) should check if their names are on the Senate academic list for NYSC mobilization at their respective institutions.


1. The NYSC Mobilization List, also known as the Senate List, is reserved for Nigerian graduates.

The names of those who studied outside of Nigeria do not need to be checked on the Senate list. You may also look at the most recent NYSC news.

2. NYSC does not decide the Senate list; instead, your institution is in charge of the Senate list. Although NYSC shows submitted names on their portal for viewing.

As a result, your institution should compile the Senate list and send it to NYSC for upload.

NYSC Registration Tips for Prospective Corps Members

1. Those who are enrolling for the first time should use the new Registration link.

2. Only individuals who were mobilized in earlier Batches but did not attend the Orientation Camp can use the Revalidation link.

3. If you have already registered but have not completed your registration, instead of clicking “Login Here” continue your registration with your prior Username and Password.

4. Do not use a proxy to thumbprint.

5. Please provide a clear passport photo. If you do not upload a passport photo of yourself wearing the NYSC crested vest, they will not enroll you for camp.

6. Use the links on your dashboard wisely, and remain connected to all of our Social Media Platforms for the most up-to-date information.

7. Apply for Name Correction, Spelling Errors, Rearrangement, Addition, and Removal on your dashboard.

8. On discharge certificates, the date of birth is included. You must double-check your Date of Birth on the NYSC Portal. Alternatively, use the windows on your dashboard to apply for a modification. However, this is possible after completing your Online Registration. After you register for camp, you cannot change your date of birth.

9. PCMs who entered their thumbprints and passport photos incorrectly during Online Registration should inform our States Secretariat before the Orientation Exercise begins. After registering for camp, there is no way to change your passport photo.

10. When PCMs may print their Call-up Letters, part-time graduates must register online in order to print their Exclusion Letter on their dashboard.

How to Check NYSC Senate List 2024

NYSC Mobilization List Checker:

  • Go to NYSC Senate List Portal via
  • Select your First choice Institution
  • Supply your MATRICULATION NUMBER in the space provided.
  • Supply your correct SURNAME
  • Enter your correct DATE OF BIRTH
  • Finally, click on SEARCH to check if your name is on the NYSC senate list 2024.


When Name is Omitted on the NYSC Approved Senate list

Check the JAMB matriculation list website to see if your name is there. If your name does not appear on the matriculation list, please follow the guidelines by printing your letter of admission and the result slip for an explanation.

If you’re having trouble printing your admission letter, check how to make it more regular.

After that, go to your institution and apply for mobilization. There’s no need to repeat this if you’ve previously done so.

The next step is to double-check that your name isn’t on the error list at your institution.

Whether your name appears on the error list, please resolve the issue and return to the NYSC site to see if it has been resolved.

If you have seen your name, continue with your registration there.

“They do not include your name after following the above steps. Put your mind to rest, the rectification is still underway.”

NYSC is Mandatory in Nigeria

It is required of all Nigerian and international grads.

NYSC is mandatory in the sense that graduates of the nation cannot request an exemption.

However, unless they are incapacitated, had served in the military or paramilitary for over one year, or were over 30 at the time of graduation.

Batches in NYSC

Batch A, B, and C are the only three batches available in NYSC.


1. Names are still being uploaded. If they have not yet posted your name to the portal, it is possible that your school is still uploading.

2. Any complaint should be sent to your university as soon as possible.

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