December 7, 2023

Monash University Humanitarian Scholarships: Are you a refugee on a temporary visa? You might be qualified for the Monash Humanitarian Scholarship if you’re a high-achieving student with the desire to alter your destiny.

Your preferred Monash undergraduate degree will be fully funded for international students, and you’ll also get a $6000 yearly allowance.

Thanks to the kind donations made to the Achieving Potential fund by alumni and other friends of the university, Monash has enhanced the number of these scholarships available.

Scholarship amount overall: Full tuition with a grant of up to $30,000

Am I eligible?

You must be one of the following:

1. An International student

2. You must meet the following criteria:

3. A person who is in Australia and currently on:

4. Temporary Humanitarian Stay visa (Subclass 449)

5. Temporary Protection visa (Subclass 785)

6. Temporary Humanitarian Concern visa (Subclass 786)

7. Safe Haven Enterprise visa (Subclass 790)

8. Bridging visa A (Subclass 010) or Bridging visa E (Subclass 050 and 051) AND have applied for a Permanent Protection visa

A commencing or continuing student enrolled or intending to enroll in an undergraduate degree as an international student at a Monash campus in Australia.

Have achieved a minimum ATAR of 70.00, OR for current students a minimum weighted average mark (WAM) of 60, OR equivalent academic achievement.

Scholarship Benefits

  • For the duration of the degree, all tuition for international students has been paid in full.
  • Until you’ve earned the required number of points for your degree, you’re allowed $6000 per year (48 credit points) of study.
  • Variable dependent on financing; number offered.

Selection criteria

based on academic excellence and individual circumstances.

You must maintain a passing average (50% or higher) each semester in order to keep this scholarship.

If your residency changes, you may continue to receive the scholarship; but, if your residency changes to a Commonwealth Supported Place and you become eligible to defer your fees, you will no longer be eligible to receive tuition payments. However, you may continue to receive the allowance.

In order to share your experiences and advantages with donors, you might be asked to submit an annual progress report.

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How to Apply

Please complete the VTAC Scholarship Application form by Friday, October 7, 2023, if you’re applying for a course through VTAC.

Please complete the different application forms by Friday, November 25, 2023, whether you are a current Monash student or if you are applying directly to Monash for your program (5 pm).

You must have applied for a degree and received an offer of admission to Monash in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

There is no postponing this scholarship.

There can be a separate application procedure for each scholarship. Before submitting your application, carefully read the instructions.

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After you Apply

  • Receiving and Accepting your offer

If your application is accepted, we will extend a complete offer to you. In the event that you have an agent, we will email this to both of you.

By following the instructions in the International Student Course Agreement, their email to you, or they accept your offer web page, you can accept your offer.

Inquire right away if you have any concerns about your offer or need assistance accepting it. You can enroll as soon as you accept your offer.

Remember, the time to arrange for your student visa is right now. International students pursuing full-time on-campus studies are granted student visas by the Australian government. Check Visa requirement

For more information after you apply Click Here

The application is Closed for Now.

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