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Medical Schools in Oregon: If you want to attend medical school in a unique and active metropolitan center while still having access to suburban and rural communities, Oregon is an excellent choice. Keep reading!

Medical Schools in OregonOregon is well-known for its natural beauty and quantity of outdoor activities, which makes it an appealing area to study if you enjoy pastimes such as hiking, bicycling, and skiing.

In Oregon, there are just two medical schools. Students interested in attending medical school in Oregon might choose the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland and the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Northwest in Lebanon.

The Oregon Health and Science University is well-known for its great research and instruction in family medicine.

The Pacific Northwest College of Osteopathic Medicine is well-known for its comprehensive patient-centered DO program.

Both schools are well-known and somewhat competitive.

Tips for Getting Accepted into Medical Schools in Oregon

The major topics you should concentrate on while applying to medical school are the same regardless of where you live in the nation.

However, the minimal criteria and course prerequisites will differ from one school to the next. As we’ve previously established, both medical schools in Oregon are fairly competitive.

So, if you plan on going to one of Oregon’s institutions, you’ll need to work hard to ensure you satisfy the minimal GPA, MCAT scores, and other requirements.

While an excellent GPA and MCAT score are both required for admission to any medical school, there are several more factors that some candidates overlook.

Research experience, shadowing, clinical work, volunteering, and any other talents and qualities you may have can help you stand out from the crowd.

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More Amazing Tips For Successful Applicants

To be a successful applicant, you understand that medical schools in Oregon place a high priority on collaboration, and drive to participate in new and innovative ways of thinking.

Also, participation in educational experiences.  It is also critical to be able to exhibit your competence and respect for cooperation and to successfully engage in joint initiatives.

These are the principles that will decide whether or not you are the candidate the admission committee is seeking, along with compassion, respect, and honesty.

Try to emphasize these in your personal statement, writings, and, if feasible, extracurricular activities. Demonstrate these qualities and explain how they have shaped you into an excellent candidate for their medical school.

Take the timeframe seriously and begin preparing early; maintain a solid GPA from the start of your college years, gather experiences relevant to the medical field and the specific institutions to which you’re going, and ensure you have a well-rounded application.

Medical Schools in Oregon

Below is the list of the two (2) medical schools in Oregon:

1. Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine

Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine is a four-year MD-granting institution founded in 1887, however, its roots may be traced back to Willamette University in 1867.

The curriculum at OHSU is competency-based and learner-centered, utilizing a variety of instructional modalities.

Each student works with a mentor to produce a scholarly project. The OHSU School of Medicine is committed to developing healthy doctors and devotes time and resources to this goal.

OHSU prioritizes meeting the requirements of the state, and as a result, more than 70% of students are in-state residents. They offer outstanding programs in family medicine and rural medicine.

Students are admitted based on the following criteria:

  • Motivation, communication ability, problem-solving ability, and maturity
  • Examine your entire academic record
  • Examining MCAT scores
  • Review of recommendation letters
  • Understanding and respect for issues of health care and/or biological research
  • Rural health, underserved communities, and primary care are all topics of interest.
  • Commitment to and potential for biomedical research in the M.D./Ph.D. Combined Degree Program

Campus location(s):

  • Portland


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2. College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Northwest

The College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences is a four-year DO program that graduated its inaugural class in 2008.

The Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences follows a “Recruit-Educate-Return” paradigm in which it accepts applicants from medically disadvantaged regions and educates them hoping they would return to practice in those areas.

Students are invited to join pre-existing groups, form their own clubs, or volunteer in the community. PNWU-COM prefers applicants from Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, or rural/underserved regions.

Clinical regional sites are also available in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

To guarantee that student welfare and associated issues are prioritized, PNWU-COM offers a confidential procedure for reporting concerns.

Successful applicants have the following characteristics:

  • Successful academic preparation
  • Well-rounded with a variety of experiences
  • Community engagement and interest
  • Commitment to compassionate healthcare
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and
  • knowledge of the profession and WesternU

Campus location(s):  

  • Lebanon


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