March 4, 2024

Are you in search of a good and comfortable college to attend?  Lafayette College is one of the schools that challenge students to move beyond the familiar, the comfortable, and the easy. So, if you are a thinker then you are in the right place. Because they will offer you opportunities to jump into the thick of things, take risks, and care deeply.

lafayette college acceptance rate

Lafayette College, a prestigious institution known for its commitment to academic excellence and rich history, is located in Easton, Pennsylvania.

If you’re curious about the college’s acceptance rate, and its significance in the admissions process, or if you’re considering applying, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get to know about Lafayette College’s acceptance rate and discover the factors that make it a top choice for many aspiring students.


What to Know About Lafayette College

Lafayette College, established in 1826 as a private institution, boasts a suburban campus spanning 340 acres and enrolls approximately 2,729 undergraduates as of fall 2022, following a semester-based academic calendar.

In the 2024 edition of Best Colleges, it ranks as the 30th National Liberal Arts College, with tuition and fees amounting to $61,824.

Situated in the charming College Hill neighborhood of Easton, Pennsylvania, Lafayette College offers a liberal arts education.

Easton, a small city conveniently located about 60 miles from Philadelphia and 70 miles from New York City, provides students with diverse cultural and recreational opportunities.

Residents of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley enjoy the Easton Farmer’s Market, celebrated as the nation’s oldest continuous open-air market, where fresh produce is abundant during the warm months.

In winter, students have the option to partake in skiing and snowboarding in the nearby Pocono Mountains.

On-campus amenities include an indoor rock-climbing wall and a year-round entertainment spot known as The Spot, contributing to a vibrant campus experience.

Different Student Organizations at Lafayette College

There are around 200 student organizations, including a popular Greek system of close to a dozen fraternities and sororities.

Each fraternity and sorority has a house on campus for member students. Freshmen must live on campus at the residential college, and so must sophomores, juniors, and most seniors. About 70 seniors who apply to move off campus will be approved each year.

The Lafayette Leopards compete in the NCAA Division I Patriot League, and the football team has a notorious rival with Lehigh University’s squad.

Students kick off the year with the President’s Ball, a formal dance, and end the year with All-College Day, a campus-wide celebration with music and food.

Students can grab a bite after, too, when faculty members serve them Midnight Breakfast.

The college newspaper, The Lafayette, is the oldest student-run publication in the state. Lafayette students can study abroad for a semester, a year, or even just a month – in January or May.

The school’s interim programs, as the monthlong sessions are called, have taken students to destinations like the Galapagos Islands, Bali, and Egypt over school breaks. In addition, faculty members lead specialty study abroad trips in London and Costa Rica.

Lafayette’s distinguished graduates include Ian Murray, founder of the Vineyard Vines clothing line; and Charles Bergstresser, a founder of Dow Jones & Company.

Lafayette College Acceptance Rate

Lafayette College maintains a 34% acceptance rate, meaning that around one-third of applicants gain admission. Among those accepted, approximately 50% of students who provided test scores earned SAT scores ranging from 1330 to 1480 or ACT scores between 30 and 33.

However, a quarter of admitted students surpassed these score ranges, while another quarter scored below them.

For prospective applicants, it’s important to note that the application deadline for Lafayette College falls on January 15th.

The admissions committee at Lafayette College places a high level of importance on a student’s GPA as a crucial academic factor in their evaluation.

Additionally, they consider an applicant’s high school class rank when available and weigh it as an important aspect of the admission process.

Letters of recommendation also hold significance in the eyes of the admissions officials at Lafayette College.


In conclusion, Lafayette College’s acceptance rate, at 34%, reflects its selectivity in the admissions process. With an emphasis on academic performance and holistic evaluation, the college offers a unique and rigorous educational opportunity to those fortunate enough to be admitted.

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