Kumi University Full Scholarship: One of the top Christian universities in East Africa, Kumi University authorized by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) is offering Scholarships to undergraduates to aid tuition fees, you can be a part of this scholarship if you are eligible. Kindly go through this article to get more information.

Kumi University Full Scholarship

It was founded for the first time in North Eastern Uganda in 1999. Numerous degree and diploma programs that are intended to create a cadre of professionals are offered by the university.

Kumi University Full Scholarship

Training morally upright, God-fearing, and competent Christian leaders who will serve their communities is the main goal.

Vision Statement; to become a world-class holistic center for quality, community-tailored Education and Research.

Mission Statement; to provide holistic education tailored to transforming individuals and communities

Objectives of the scholarship;

  • To fulfill the University’s mission
  • To provide academically sound students with an opportunity to complete a University education

Kumi University Forms of Scholarships

Kumi University offers six (6) forms of scholarships to students:

  • The full scholarship which includes tuition fees, other fees, meals, and accommodation
  • Full tuition and functional fees only.
  • Full tuition fees only excluding other functional fees
  • Full tuition fees, accommodation, and meals
  • 25% tuition only
  • 50 % tuition scholarship
  • Partial scholarship; this is a block amount determined by the scholarship committee which amount may vary from time to time.

KUMI University Scholarships are awarded to the following categories: –

  • New Admissions
  • Academic Excellence
  • The Needy and Orphans
  • Work and Study Scheme
  • Sports Talented
  • Nyero / Local Community
  • The Clergy and Staff Biological

Externally Sponsored Scholarship

  • Seohyun Foundation
  • JEIO Tech
  • Vice Chancellor’s Award
  • The Handicapped

Overseas Exchange Program: Undergraduate and Post-Graduate

  • Korean government-sponsored scholarships
  • Student Exchange Programs: Chungnam National University, Chungbuk National University, Handong University, Hannan University, Hanyang University, Jeonju University, Kangnam University, Koshin University, Soongsil University, Yanbian University of Science and Technology

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General Scholarship Guidelines

Before filling out the scholarship application form, please carefully review the numerous eligibility requirements for each award to make sure you are eligible and meet the requirements.

1. The other scholarship categories will be chosen based on eligibility against the provided criteria in 1.6.2 to 1.6.8 below, and other information provided in the Application Form.

  • Incoming students should have obtained a minimum of 12 points in their A-Levels, and continuing University students must have a current and cumulative GPA of at least 4.0 out of 5.0 for Academic Excellence.
  • A candidate for these categories shouldn’t have taken any modules again in the last semester before being considered.

2. For Academic Excellence and other scholarship categories, kindly send a copy of your results with the application.

3. Students who still owe money on their tuition are not eligible for the award.

4. A4 paper must be typed with a maximum of 1000 words in the applicant’s Statement of Faith.

5. At the time of submission, a hard copy of the application form and one (1) passport-size photograph are required.

6. Give proof of any community service or philanthropic activity you have done.

  • If possible, give instances to demonstrate how you overcame obstacles and found solutions.
  • An extra benefit is regular attendance in classes, involvement in church ministry, the Discipleship Training Program (DTP), and other university activities.

7. Additionally, candidates must be able to effectively communicate in both group and individual settings, build relationships with a wide range of individuals, plan and implement experiences to achieve certain goals and assess crises swiftly and appropriately.

8. The scholarship may be withdrawn or terminated for any misrepresentation or omission of information.

9. The accompanying documents must be attached by applicants.

10. Please take note that applications will be retained for review for up to two (02) months following the submission deadline. The notice boards will be covered with a list of the selected applicants.

11. Please make sure your application is accurate and legitimate.

Categories of Kumi University Scholarships

The donors and supporters of Kumi University have established several scholarships to provide new and existing students with financial assistance. These groups include:

  • Scholarships of twenty-five percent (25%) or fifty percent (50%):

All first-year students who have paid 100% of their other fees and 75% of their tuition by the end of regular registration are eligible for this grant. Only until the University and certain schools have reached an agreement will the 50% scholarship be available.

  • Awards for Academic Excellence:

For new students, this scholarship is intended for academically strong students who have received a minimum of 12 points on their A-Level exam, and for continuing university students, a minimum CGPA of 4.0. The beneficiaries only receive the full cost of tuition.

  • Students in Karamoja:

This scholarship, which is fully funded, is exclusively available to students from Karamoja who enrolled at the institution during the academic year 2014–2015. After the present recipients, this scholarship will no longer be offered.

  • International Students:

This scholarship targets students hailing from Southern Sudan, Burundi, and other countries who are unable to access University education and yet meet the minimum admission requirements.

The beneficiaries under this category receive a full scholarship for only those under the scholarship scheme. The rest of the international students will receive any other category of scholarship as spelled out in sub-section 1.3.

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Scholarship Financial Allocation

The allocation of funds to each of the categories of scholarships shall be at the discretion of the Financial Aid Committee and depend on the total amount of the available scholarship money.

Terms and Conditions of the scholarship

The scholarship recipient must sign a letter of understanding (undertaking) with the university after being chosen.

The scholarship recipient agrees to pay any remaining tuition, mandatory fees, or other costs that aren’t covered by the award.

The recipient of the scholarship must commit diligently study, pay attention, and complete all the course requirements. The beneficiary agrees to cover the retake expenses if they fail some of the course units. The scholarship will be withdrawn or discontinued if the recipient fails more than two of the course units they took in a given semester.

If the student/recipient violates the scholarship guidelines stated, the University, through the scholarship committee, reserves the right to revise, amend, and/or terminate the scholarship from the beneficiary.

Through the scholarship committee, the University shall pay the agreed-upon sum of each beneficiary’s award immediately to the accounts office.

All funds will be deposited into student accounts, and those who do not still owe the university any money at the end of the semester will receive any cash that is owed to them.


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