December 3, 2023

Joshua Nkomo Scholarships are for Candidates who are beginning their first year of undergraduate study at a university in Zimbabwe are eligible for the scholarships. Read on to get more information about this scholarship.

Joshua Nkomo Scholarships

30% of these scholarships are set aside for studies outside of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), with 70% going to STEM students.

The CEO of the Higherlife Foundation, a social impact organization that invests in human capital development to create thriving people, communities, and sustainable livelihoods, is Dr. Kennedy Mubaiwa.

About Joshua Nkomo Scholarships

Joshua Nkomo Scholarships 2024 are being offered by Higherlife Foundation to students pursuing A-levels. Applicants must be citizens of Zimbabwe and under 21 at the time of application.

Moreover, university scholarships are available to applicants beginning their first year of undergraduate education.

The Higherlife Foundation believes in the strength of the human spirit. They think that people can change their neighborhoods and ultimately their countries if given the correct opportunities.

Vision: To provide a platform for people to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Mission: Investing in Human Capital to Build Thriving Individuals, Communities, and Sustainable Livelihoods.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates are required to submit the following documents:

1. Academic certificates/public exam results

2. Birth Certificate

3. National ID

4. Character Reference Form (Download Here)

The Character Reference Form should be sent by registered mail to the Higher life Foundation Office at Suite 5, Westgate House East, David Frost Way, Westgate Complex, Harare.

Application Deadline: The application closing date for Joshua Nkomo Scholarships 2024 has not yet been announced. Bookmark this page and check back later as the closing date will be updated once it is announced.

Apply Here

Capernaum Scholarship

This is another Scholarship offered by Higherlife Foundation. This scholarship is given to children who are qualified and can get support from Grade 1 through Form 4.

Scholarships are available in Lesotho to qualified students in Forms A through D, and in Burundi to qualified students in Grades 1 through 10.

Documentation Required

1. Applicant’s certified birth certificate

2. Deceased parent’s or guardian’s certified death certificate

3. School invoice and banking details showing the number of fees to be paid

4. An affidavit in case of missing or no documents

Where the beneficiary does not have the deceased’s death certificate, a letter from the school authorities or local leadership to confirm the child’s orphanhood will suffice

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How Can you Apply for a Scholarship?

Once you’ve identified a scholarship for study abroad that you can apply for, go to work on your application materials. Here is what a typical application procedure looks like:

1. Apply for the scholarship, typically by filling out an online form.

2. To make sure you’ve gotten the confirmation email, check your inbox.

3. Compose an essay or personal statement. There are plenty of models available online, but be original and make an impression with your own distinctive experiences and viewpoints.

4. Get certification of your accomplishments in art, sports, and academics. Document translation is generally necessary.

5. or obtain official documentation of your nationality or low income (for region-based scholarships). Once more, a translation could be required.

6. Send the documents to the scholarship provider after thoroughly checking them for faults.

7. Send the university’s letter of acceptance (or another official document from the university attesting to your acceptance).

  • Without stating that you will actually start your studies, you will not be awarded the scholarship.

8. Await the outcome. Congratulations if you were chosen; you won! Have a celebration, but don’t blow the entire scholarship budget on it. Your tuition is typically paid straight to the university or college (or a part of it).

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