The Clover Finance Global Ambassador Program is currently offering opportunities to anyone who is tech-savvy and willing to work from their home.

clover finance

The world is currently moving to the web3 phase where blockchains dominate and making money from home has never been easier.

For the reason mentioned above, this article aims to bring you the hottest and latest crypto jobs 2022 aimed at helping you to work from home.

Clover Finance

Clover Finance is a substrate-based blockchain infrastructure platform that focuses on cross-chain compatibility and interoperability between different blockchains for decentralized applications.

The platform brings together a large user base and merges different projects into an all-available open and integrated service platform on Polkadot, which was named one of the most notable projects in 2021 by Coin list and backed by major industry institutions such as Polychain Capital, Alameda Research, Huobi, and OKex’s Ventures Arm.

With the growth of the clover user base, they are looking to further expand their team further by recruiting Clover Finance global ambassadors, totaling 100 people. If you have what it takes, then this might just be the opportunity for you.

Clover Finance Job Vacancies

We’re searching for volunteers to help the team promote media content, grow and engage with the community, and maintain Clover Finance’s brand image.

Below is the detailed list of positions and roles available:

  • 3 Official community ambassadors (must be fluent in English)
  • 3 Chinese community ambassadors (must be fluent in Chinese)
  • 2 Russian community ambassadors (must be fluent in English and Russian)
  • 2 Vietnamese community ambassadors (must be fluent in English and Vietnamese)
  • 2 Turkish community ambassadors ( must be fluent in English and Turkish)
  • 2 French-speaking community ambassadors (must be fluent in English and French)
  • 2 Spanish community ambassadors (must be fluent in English and Spanish)
  • 2 Discord community ambassadors (must be fluent in English)

Clover Finance Global Ambassador Responsibilities

  • In the communication group, improve the community aura, lead good discussions, and answer inquiries regarding Clover Finance;
  • Promote Clover Finance-related publications and information about upcoming events.
  • Assist in increasing the number of community users and the community’s size.
  • Translate and publish news.
  • Organize activities both online and offline (Fees for activities can be provided when needed).
  • Assist in the planning of activities (For example: Being guide on events, etc)

Requirements to become a Clover Ambassador

  • Have prior experience with digital assets or have a long-term interest in them.
  • Clover Finance’s development approach is familiar to you, and you have the ability to actively participate in official community promotions.
  • It is preferable if you have prior community management experience.
  • Know the products and activity rules offered by Clover Finance.
  • Experience with Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and any other social media network for the purpose of engagement
  • Ability to communicate and engage with people of the community in a clear and professional manner on a daily basis.

Please submit your application if you match the aforementioned conditions.

Benefits and Salary

A total of 50,000 $CLV ambassador awards will be awarded to you on a quarterly basis.

Direct access to the Clover Finance management team and the opportunity to gain from their experience and guidance.

An exclusive career path that allows you to swiftly gain blockchain job experience

NFT and rewards exclusive to Clover Finance.

How to apply

Application Opening: 23rd December 2021

Application Closing: 31st December 2021

Become a part of the Clover team by submitting your applications to their official email id:

Social Media Links

The links below are the official links to Clover Finance social media outlets

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