JAMB Subject Combination for Applied Physics – In Applied Physics, there is competition for bachelor’s degrees. It would be simpler for you to register if you were aware of the requirements, which would help you avoid making mistakes.

JAMB Subject Combination for Applied Physics

The following requirements for enrollment in the Applied Physics program should be carefully reviewed. If you meet any qualifying requirements, you can register for Direct Entry or your UTME. You can register for your UTME or Direct Entry if you meet the requirements.

The requirements listed in the JAMB brochure apply to the applied physics programs offered by the Nigerian Faculty of Sciences.

You will discover the list of subjects you must take the UTME to apply for the course, the prerequisites for the O’level for UTME applicants, the requirements for Direct Entry (such as A’level, ND, HND, NCE, etc.), and other conditions you must meet to apply for the course.

Importance of Choosing the Right Combination

A person’s college or university course selection may have an impact on their long-term professional and educational aspirations, as well as the nature of their employment.

The primary factor influencing choosing the best degree program is the desire to pursue a meaningful profession. There is a greater likelihood of producing meaningful and productive work among students who select courses that correspond with their interests and professional ambitions.  


Universities that offer Applied Physics

Applied Physics can be studied under the Sciences in the following Nigerian universities:

UTME and Direct Entry Requirements for Applied Physics

Before being admitted to Nigerian universities, students must fulfill many requirements to be eligible for the UTME and direct entry.

Direct Entry Requirement for Applied Physics

If you do not plan to use the UTME, you must meet these requirements to be admitted to study through direct entry.

Two (2) ‘A’ Level passes in mathematics and physics are necessary.

UTME Requirement for Applied Physics

The O-level course sequence and prerequisites for Applied Physics

You must have five (5) SSC credit passes in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English language, as well as any other science topic from biology, agricultural science, or further mathematics.


List of Subjects Offered in JAMB

Please be aware that the English language is required for this course in the UTME. As a result, the following three (3) additional JAMB UTME subject combinations are required to study in the Faculty of Sciences at the universities mentioned above:

There are three subjects: chemistry, biology, and physics.