JAMB Registration – Great news! The 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Form is now up for grabs, thanks to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Here’s the deal: when you’re ready to register, stick to the JAMB-accredited centers and JAMB State Offices.

JAMB Registration

It’s a safety and validity thing: steer clear of any Cyber café or computer centers that JAMB doesn’t officially recognize. Now, let’s talk UTME. It’s the big entry ticket to various tertiary institutions, and staying on top of the registration process and requirements is key for you as a candidate. So, keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates.

What is Jamb Registration?

Hey there! If you’re gearing up for the UTME, listen up! The registration window for UTME candidates, both local and international, is open from January 15, 2024, to February 26, 2024. Make sure you’ve got a working email before diving into the process.

For those eyeing direct entry, your time to shine is between February 28 and March 28, 2024. Remember, you can only register at the board’s state and municipal offices. Need the nitty-gritty on the JAMB Direct Entry Form? Head over to the 2024 JAMB Direct Entry Form Application Details page for the lowdown. Happy registering!

In Nigeria:

Check the table below for the cost of the JAMB form for UTME and DE candidates:

ItemsAmount (₦)
UTME Application Fee3,500
Compulsory Reading TextbookFREE
CBT (Examination) Service Charge1,500
Registration Center Service Charge700
Bank Charges500
CBT Center Service Charge for Mock1,500
Grand Total With Mock7,700
Grand Total Without Mock6,200


Foreign Centers: Thirty United States dollars ($30).

Who Needs to Register for JAMB?

Well, if you’re eyeing a spot in a tertiary institution, you’re the star of this show! Whether you’re aiming for a university, polytechnic, or college of education, registering for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is your golden ticket.

So, if you’ve got dreams of stepping into the world of higher education, JAMB registration is the first step on your journey. It’s a must-do for anyone looking to kickstart their academic adventure in Nigeria.

Getting Started with JAMB Registration

Hey, let’s get you set up for JAMB It’s a bit of a process, but we’ve got this! Here’s your step-by-step guide:

Create Your JAMB Profile:

First things first, let’s build your JAMB profile.

Send Your NIN via Text:

To create the profile, send a text to 55019 or 66019 with ‘NIN’ followed by a space and your 11-digit NIN number. For example, “NIN 00123456789”. Don’t forget that space!

Once done, you’ll get a confirmation code. The phone number you used is now your go-to for all things related to your 2023 application or examination.

Log Into JAMB Portal:

Head to the JAMB portal and log in using that cool confirmation code you just got.

Grab Your JAMB e-PIN:

Now, it’s time to hit up an accredited bank, CBT center, or embassy (for you jet-setters abroad) to snag your JAMB e-PIN. Take along your confirmation code and pay the required fee.

Message Alert:

After texting 55019 or 66019, you’ll receive a message with your 10-digit profile code, your registered name with NIMC, and the total cost for UTME with or without Mock, plus DE pin info. It’ll look something like this, “Dear Fabian Thomas, Your profile code: is 172081003, and your NIN is 44617822814. Visit www.jamb.gov.ng, Quick Links, then IBASS for eBrochure. Buy UTME pin with mock N7,700, without mock N6,200, and DE pin N6,200.”

Register at an Accredited CBT center:

Finally, swing by any JAMB-accredited CBT center and present that ePIN for your registration.

There you have it—you’re officially on the JAMB registration train! Let the journey begin!

The JAMB Registration Process

Alright, let’s break down the JAMB registration process in straightforward terms:

  1. Unique Phone Number Requirement:

You need a special mobile number just for you during registration.

This number is your forever ID with JAMB.

  1. National Identification Number (NIN) Submission:

Text your NIN to either 55019 or 66019 from your personal GSM number.

Format: Type “NIN,”  add a space, then your 11-digit NIN.

Make sure it’s not used for JAMB-accredited previous UTME/DE registrations.

Avoid using post-paid or special bundle package lines, unless they’re credited.

  1. Profile Code Receipt:

You get a 10-character profile code sent to your phone.

Returning? Same code as before.

This code sticks around for all your future JAMB dealings.

  1. Importance of the Mobile Number:

Your mobile number is now JAMB’s way of finding you.

It’s the go-to for all communication about your 2024 journey.

  1. Procurement of the Application Document:

Flash your profile code when getting your application form (for banks, MMOs, MFBs, switches,, and USSD partners).

An e-PIN will hit your phone as a text.

  1. Registration at the JAMB-accredited CBT Center:

Head to any JAMB-accredited CBT center with your profile code and e-PIN.

Get ready for biometrics and photo time.

  1. Completion of the Application:

Your fingers’ prints: all ten of them for biometric capture.

Smile for the camera: A photo shoot is mandatory.

Success here means you can print your e-registration slip.

A fingerprint is needed for any future profile transactions.

  1. Self-Service Option:

If you’re a tech wizard, go solo at JAMB offices/PRCs.

  1. Examination Eligibility:

On exam day, only those who pass biometric verification get a seat.

No parent or proxy can mess with your profile.

Biometric hiccup? Head to JAMB National Headquarters in Abuja for a fix.

That’s the JAMB journey in a nutshell.

Additional Information for JAMB Registration

Do you have a bone to pick with the JAMB process? No worries, we’ve got a solution. Follow these steps:

Head to JAMB’s Website:

Go to the JAMB website and navigate to Quicklinks.

Select Ticket/Support:

Click on the ticket/support option.

Fill in the Details:

Provide your email, name, and phone number, and outline the nature of your complaint.

Choose Complaint Area:

Pick the complaint area from the drop-down menu that best fits your issue.

Summarize Your complaint:

Give a summary of what’s bothering you.

Attach supporting documents:

If you’ve got any proof or supporting documents, attach them.


Hit that submit button and watch the magic happen.


Third-party complaints are just noted; there is no need for old-school letters.

For NIN-related headaches after messaging 55019 or 66019, use the same process on the ticketing platform. Choose “2024 NIN-related issues” for extra specificity.

There you have it! Keep it modern, use the ticketing system for a quick fix, and let JAMB take care of the rest.

Registration for Foreign Candidates

For those outside Nigeria, here’s the scoop:

Registration Fee:

It’s a flat $30, payable in the local currency of your host country.

How to Register:

  • Get the Docs: Head to JAMB’s website and snag the application documents.
  • Fill ‘Em Out: Complete the forms with all your information.
  • Submit with Fee: Take your filled-out forms to designated centers in your country, as marked on the website.
  • Pay up that $30 fee.

Where It’s Going Down:

Registration and UTME are happening in some cool spots:



Addis Ababa







Need help. Contact the Nigerian Mission:

Reach out to the Nigerian Mission (Embassy) in your area for guidance on registration and examination.


Dates and Venue

The 2024 UTME is scheduled to start on Friday, April 19, 2024, and conclude on Monday, April 29, 2024. This includes all nine foreign centers.

Examination Venue:

The exam will be held at any location in the candidate’s selected examination city. Candidates are assigned to no other examination town or combination of towns by JAMB than the one they choose upon registering.
Before spots in their desired town or collection of towns are taken, candidates are advised to register as soon as possible.

Additionally, certain CBT centers have engaged in collusion, and examination towns with fewer than four centers are prohibited. Consequently, there have been numerous town mergers. Once a group of towns has been chosen, a candidate may be posted to any town in the group.

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