International Schools in Ghana: Accra, Ghana’s capital, is home to the majority of its international schools. These schools’ main benefit is that they use a variety of foreign curricula, which enables many international students to pick up where they left off in their home country.

International Schools in GhanaInternational schools often offer high-quality instruction and have amenities comparable to those in Europe or North America.

Many of them support learning extra foreign languages and bilingualism. Some ex-pat families may pick Montessori or Christian-based schools, and many institutions provide care and instruction for kids as young as a few months old up to 18 years old.

International schools do have expensive tuition, but better instruction and facilities make it worthwhile.

To assist them, ex-pats may be able to bargain with their employers for tuition reimbursement.

About International Schools in Ghana

Because there are excellent quality schools for you, your children, and your friends, there is no need to worry about the high level of education.

You can locate the best schools in Ghana to prepare for the International Baccalaureate and other diplomas in this article.

These top schools include kindergartens, primary schools, and secondary (high) schools.


10 Top International Schools in Ghana

Below is the list of top international schools in Ghana:

10. Tema International School

Co-educational boarding school Tema International School is a private institution. In order to help students get access to foreign degrees and study abroad, it provides a programme for students who have completed the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

Tema’s Tema International School is situated on Akosombo Road, across from Afariwaa Farms.


9. German Swiss International School

The multinational school is bilingual (English and German) that uses both English and German curriculum. kindergarten to class 10 (ages 1-15 years).

Three different performance levels are used to teach the upper classes.

In secondary school, they teach components of the Swiss curriculum alongside the German curriculum (Thüringen).

The Lufthansa building is near Ring Road Central, where the German Swiss International School is situated in Accra, Ghana.


8. British International School (BIS)

BIS administers and provides the University of Cambridge International Examinations Curriculum for primary and secondary education and the British National Curriculum for preschool.

Children between the ages of 1 and 18 can take exams like the CIPP, now called Cambridge Check Point, Cambridge Secondary 1, IGCSE, AS, and A Level. BIS is situated in Greater Accra, Ghana, along the Ghana Link road.


7. Springforth International School

English is the primary language of instruction at Springforth International School, which serves students in grades 1 through 6. Primary school children are required to take French, which is taught at the institution.

The school uses foreign texts and resources from the US and Ghana in addition to the British National Curriculum, Key Stages 1 and 2.

All applicants must be at least three months old, while admission is not entirely guaranteed. Uniforms are a requirement for all students.

Trasacco Valley Road Adjiringanor – East Legon, Accra is where you can find Springforth.


6. American International School (AIS)

The school, which was established in 2006, offers an international education. AIS produces an American curriculum for students in Pre-K3 through 12th grade.

There are few buses available throughout the school. The MSA and the ACSI have authorized and recognized it for candidacy.

It is a part of the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS), which runs 20 schools throughout the globe.

Find the American International School in Accra’s East Legon.


5. Lincoln Community School

Lincoln Community School, which can be found at Dedeibaa Street Abelemkpe in Accra, is accredited by the MSA, COLS, and is a member of AISA.

The institution is both an international school and a private, non-profit preparatory college. Many of the children at the school have Ghanaian parents.

English is the medium of teaching at Lincoln Community School, where lessons are available for students in preschool through grade 12.

In accordance with International Baccalaureate authorization, Lincoln Community School provides Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years (MYP), and Diploma Programmes (DP) (IB).

They split the academic year into two semesters, from August through December and January through June, as well as three quarterly evaluation periods.


4. Vilac International School ( VIS)

In order to keep up with the constantly expanding global community, the Vilac International School provides the Cambridge International Examination (CIE), Ghana Education Service (GES), and British curriculum.

There are two campuses for Vilac International School. However, the Upper School in Achimota, and the Lower School at East Legon). Year 7 through Year 13 and SHS 1 to 3 are covered.

The school provides the Check Point (now known as Cambridge Secondary 1 for pupils in Year 9) and IGCSE exams, which begin in Years 10 and 11.

The IGCSE test is given in May or June, in SHS form three (WASSCE). Students who desire to continue in the sixth form can also take the AS/A level.


3. Soul Clinic International School

East Cantonments is where Soul Clinic International School is situated. In 1968, the late Vincent E. McCauley, BTH, a Guyanese missionary of hallowed memory, founded Soul Clinic International School.

In the developing world and the twenty-first century, he had the hope and vision of providing students with a comprehensive education that would prepare them morally, spiritually, and physically for the pursuit of their aspirations.

Both the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum are available at Soul Clinic International School.


2. SOS- Hermann Gmeiner International College

The SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, often known as HGIC, is a preparatory school that accepts and instructs students from all over the world, including Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. It is situated in Tema, Ghana.

The school train and prepare young leaders with a Pan-African vision and ideology who attend top institutions worldwide.

Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Stanford, MIT, University of Edinburgh, University of British Columbia, and the University of Cape Town are among the schools that its graduates ultimately attend.

Hermann Gmeiner International College offers two curricula. Over the course of a four-year curriculum, students complete the IGCSE in the first two years and the International Baccalaureate diploma or certificate in the last two years.

The academic campus of the school includes classrooms, a library, computer laboratories, science labs, administrative offices, an auditorium, and eating facilities.

Performing and visual arts facilities, a residential campus called the hostel made up of dormitories for students, the main dining hall, a track, a soccer field, tennis courts, an outdoor pool, and a gym.

These campuses are completely wifi and incredibly secure. A shuttle service transports students to and from these campuses.


1. Ghana International School (GIS)

One of Ghana’s top international schools, Ghana International School offers aspirant kids from the ages of 3 to 18 a world-class, comprehensive education.

The Ghana International School offers an English-language curriculum that is based on the English National Curriculum, the Cambridge International Examinations, the IGCSE, and the GCE Advanced level.

The Ghana International School is the first institution to gain dual accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Council of International Schools (CIS) (NEASC).

Additionally, the school actively participates in the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA). 1400 students from more than 50 nations attended the school.


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