December 3, 2023

Instagram background image: Have you noticed that when you add a background color, the shared image or video vanishes? The question is how do other people use a personalized background in an Instagram story without covering up the image? To begin with, Instagram does not currently have a native method for using custom story backdrops. This article will help you out.

Instagram background image

However, there are certain workarounds that enable you to accomplish the same. Let’s look at how to modify the Instagram story backdrop and color on an iPhone or an Android device.

How to Change Background on Instagram Story 

There are eight different ways to add a background color or image to an Instagram story without hiding the image. Let’s investigate them.

1. Swipe to Alternate Background Color

Simply swipe right or left on the background of a post you’re publishing to your story to alter the background’s color options.

The disadvantage of this approach is that you won’t be able to pick a certain hue. Only options on the list that is provided are allowed.

2. Utilizing Conventional Methods

If you are adding a photo from your gallery, this technique covers the image. However, it functions great for shared posts. Take these actions:

  • To add a post to your narrative, tap the Send button underneath a post and choose Add post to your tale.
  • Select a backdrop color for the post from the options below by tapping the Doodle icon.
  • To add the backdrop color to the Instagram story, touch and hold the screen. You’ll see that the shared post isn’t covered by the color. Similarly, you can experiment with various background hues. To confirm the color, tap the checkmark button.
  • Use the eraser technique described below in the event that this method colors the shared post’s background.

3. Using an Eraser

Technically, this technique only adds a foreground color to the story, not changing the color of the background. To see your shared post, you must remove the foreground color.

  • To enable editing, begin by adding a picture or the shared post to the narrative. Use the pinch-in motion with your finger to reduce the post’s size.
  • Tap the Doodle icon and choose your preferred color. To fill the screen with the same color, touch and hold the screen.
  • Select the Eraser pen from the Doodle menu by tapping it. To alter the eraser size, use the slider on the side. After that, drag your finger across the screen to remove the background color and expose the photo.

This procedure is laborious since you have to gently scrape out the color from the borders and edges. This technique, though, can be utilized to produce revealing results.

4. Change the Background for the Photo Using a Gallery Sticker

Use the Gallery sticker if the aforementioned techniques are unsuccessful in producing the desired effects.

A gallery sticker is available for Instagram stories on both Android and iPhone, allowing you to overlay more photographs or videos on top of the current image or video.

Basically, Instagram stories allow you to layer images. How to do it is as follows:

  • Launch the Instagram app and go to the screen where you can add a new story.
  • Tap on the Gallery option at the bottom and select the picture that you want to use as a background. Yes. You need to select the background image first.

Alternatively, you can take a random shot or upload any image to the Instagram story if you want to utilize a solid color without covering the photo.

From the list of available colors, tap the Doodle symbol at the top to select your preferred backdrop color. Touch and hold the screen until the chosen color completely fills it. To return, tap the checkmark symbol.

  • Select the Gallery sticker by tapping the Sticker icon after adding the background image or color. You might see the most current photo among the stickers on an iPhone. That sticker is the one you should select. then decide on whatever picture you wish to use as the background
  • Tap on the photo if you want to change its style. You can choose between the regular style, star, heart, or circle.

Use the gestures with your fingers to adjust the size and position of the foreground image. That’s how you can put a background image in an Instagram story.

Interestingly, if you have added a solid color using this method, you can change the background color even after adding the image.

For that, tap on the Doodle icon after adding the foreground image and select a new color. Touch and hold the screen as you would do normally for adding the background color.

5. Change Background Photo for Shared Post Using Sticker

You have to use the same Gallery sticker that you used above in this method as well. Here’s how to change the background on the Instagram story for shared posts.

  • Add the post to your story screen.
  • Tap on the Sticker icon on the story screen and select the Gallery sticker.
  • Select the background photo for your story.
  • Now you will have two items on the screen – the post and the background image. Drag the post outside of the screen to the extreme left edge in a way that you can still see it slightly.
  • Use the pinch-out gesture to increase the size of the background photo such that it fits the screen. However, keep a small gap so that you can touch the shared post. Tap the shared post so that it comes over the background photo. Move it to your desired location. Your final image will have a shared post over a background picture.

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6. Add a Background Photo from the Screenshot

This approach requires you to take a screenshot of the shared post, trim it, and add background and foreground images using a Gallery sticker.

  • Bring the shared post up on your narrative screen
  • Take a snapshot of the page where the shared post is shown.
  • Open the screenshot using a photo editor or gallery program. Ensure that only the shared post is shown by cropping it. On your phone, save the cropped picture.
  • Return to the Instagram story screen where you inserted the shared post in step 4. Increase the shared post’s size using the pinch-out gesture so that it nearly fills the full screen. After that, select the Gallery sticker by tapping the Sticker button.
  • Include the picture you intend to use as your background. Make it bigger such that it takes up the entire screen and obscures the shared post underneath. Using the Gallery sticker, add the screenshot you saved in step 3 right now (refer to step 5 on your history).

You are done now. The shared post’s style will change if you tap it right now. However, touching on the backdrop or the shared post will lead you to the real shared post once you make the story live.

That’s because, despite the fact that you covered the shared post with a background image and screenshot, it is still live.

7. Add Background Photo From Clipboard (iPhone)

You can also use the clipboard on an iPhone to create a background for Instagram stories.

  • Include the shared post in the preview of the narrative. Reduce the Instagram app’s size.
  • Open the image you wish to use as your wallpaper in the Apple Photos app. To copy a photo, choose it from the menu by tapping the Share icon.
  • Relaunch the Instagram app. A notice with the words “picture pasted” will appear. Select “Add sticker” by tapping. Your screen will display the shared post and the copied image.
  • Expand the background to fill the entire screen. To advance your shared post, tap on the area where it is located.

8. Add Background Photo From Clipboard (Android)

You cannot immediately paste a backdrop image from the clipboard into the Instagram story on Android. However, SwiftKey can be used to your advantage in this situation.

  • Set SwiftKey keyboard as your default keyboard on your Android phone.
  • Access the Instagram story preview screen with the shared post.
  • Click or tap the Aa icon to reveal the keyboard. Tap the Sticker icon on the SwiftKey keyboard.
  • To add an image from the Gallery, tap the star or pin symbol, then the Camera icon. Select the backdrop picture for your narrative. To add the image to the story, tap the Send key on the keyboard.
  • You must now adhere to technique 5’s stages 4 and 5. In other words, make the background bigger and hide the shared post. Drag the shared post into the center after that.

In conclusion: One method for improving the appearance of your Instagram stories is to change the background.

You can obtain eye-catching wallpaper from websites that host wallpaper or from Pinterest. You may use stickers to further enrich your stories and make them more visually appealing.

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