March 4, 2024

In this article, we bring you the steps on How To Write An Outstanding Final Year Project. If this is the information you truly seek, then you are in the right place.

How To Write An Outstanding Final Year Project

Writing an outstanding final year project is as important as the years you had spent in college/university as not writing or delaying may lead to an extension of your years in school.

A final year project is research carried out by an individual independently which can amount to about 3,000 words or more depending on your research.

It will require you to carry out an investigation, source verified information using different methods of approach, carry out experiments and perhaps profer solutions. 

Basically, you will have a supervisor in your department that will oversee your work. He will first approve your topic or perhaps change it or add something if he/she notices any lapses.

You will give him an overview or an outline of your project, which your supervisor will assess, making corrections where necessary and providing guidance for your while you write your project.

After this is done, your project will finally be assessed by an external supervisor who will come in from another higher institution, to give a lasting judgment on your research work. 

Most students still struggle with how To Write An Outstanding Final Year project, and to this end, we made this article.


How to Write an Outstanding Final Year Project 2024

Kindly do due diligence and follow the steps outlined below:

1. Choose Your Topic Wisely

This is very important in order to write a good project which is why you are given the liberty to choose your project topic.

Choose what you know you can write and defend at the same time. Make sure all materials both primary and secondary sources that concern your topic can be easily found.

If you choose the wrong topic you won’t be able to write your project or defend it in the midst of professional judges.

Most students get caught up in this stage and might opt for a change of topic. The rigorous process you will undergo might kill your motivation for your project. So choose wisely. 

2. Do proper Research | How To Write An Outstanding Final Year Project

Your final year project is an updated and edified version of your term paper. You need to do proper research using your school library, and local or international libraries as the case may be.

Seek help from other people or perhaps have a collection of other projects where you can see what an approved or final copy of a project looks like.

Ask questions for clarification. In some cases, you might travel out of your comfort zone to a strange place to gather information. Yes! That’s how tough it can get. 

3. Prepare your Table of Content 

This is done after you might have gathered your information and materials and kept them accordingly.

This will help you know which one is good for chapters one, two, or five, so you don’t mix it up. This is a sample of a table of contents 

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One 
  • Chapter two
  • Chapter three
  • Chapter four
  • Chapter five
  • References
  • Appendices

4. Write Your Project (Body of the Work) 

Below is the format or summary of what your project should look like from chapters one to five.

Chapter One

This is the introduction to your project. It contains an overview of your work where your supervisor or reader will know basically everything about your research project.

It comes with other subheadings which include:

Background of the study; this includes information about the topic, time, place, theme, and other related information

Aims/objectives of the study; this states what the research hopes to achieve and its purpose

Scope of the study; this shows the parameters within which the research will be done. It includes where the research will be carried out, the reason for choosing that place, and the timeframe of the research.

Significance of the study; the benefits the research will have on the present and perhaps future learning

Literature review; these are all the books used to write your project. You will have to explain how each of them has contributed to it

Statement of the problem; This clearly states the issue that the research will address or improve upon. It should show what others have done and what the research intends to do.

Limitations of the study; this shows the challenges you encountered while writing. 


Chapter two

In some cases, this chapter concerns the literature review proper while others concern an in-depth analysis of the geographical aspect of your project.

If it is geography, you need to write about the place your research centers on. If your topic was “political lapses in Nigeria from 2014 to 2015”.

Your chapter two will be about Nigeria, migration, colonization independence, etc. 

Chapter three

This is where you discuss your project in its entirety. What happened in Nigerian politics at that time if that is what your project is about?

Be sure to back it up with the materials and research work that you gathered 

Chapter four

This has to do with the impact your study has on the past present and future 

Chapter five

Include your summary and conclusion 


These are your sources. Document them appropriately with the APA OR MLA STYLE depending on your preference. 

5. Read your work

Read and reread your work to avoid mistakes, especially typographical errors. Then you are finally done with your project. 

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