March 4, 2024

How to Write a Recommendation Letter For a Student: When a student applies to a university or a job, it is necessary to get a letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor. You represent the student by drafting the letter and serving as a character witness to the school or business.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter For a Student

It might make them stand out from other candidates if you write an honest and glowing letter of reference for a student. In this post, we offer guidelines and case studies to assist you in crafting a strong letter of reference for a student.

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

An individual’s personal qualities and work ethic are highlighted in a letter of recommendation, which might help them with their application.

A student can use A letter of recommendation to assist them to get into an academic or professional program.

Someone who has interacted with the person on a professional, or academic level frequently writes the letter.

It gives employers or universities a reference assessment of an applicant’s qualities, including their abilities, points of strength, objectives, and successes.

Important Note on Reference Letter

1. Only write a letter of reference for a student whose qualifications you can discuss in person.

2. Obtain submission information, such as the recipient’s name, email address, and deadline.

3. Request a current résumé and information about the position for which they require a reference.

4. Give particular instances of their abilities, experiences, and attributes that are pertinent.

How to Write a Recommendation Letter For a Student

Below are the basic elements or requirements to include in a student’s recommendation letter:

1. Contact Information

If you’re creating a professionally printed letter, start the letter with the recipient’s address and your contact details.

2. Greeting

Include a greeting at the beginning of your letter if you are writing a personal recommendation letter (Dear Dr. Smith, or Dear Ms. Jones, for example).

3. Introduction

Explain your motivation for writing and your relationship to the person you are endorsing, including how and how long you have known them.

4. The purpose of your writing

Give background information on the individual you are writing about, including their qualifications and strengths.

It’s OK to include more than one paragraph’s worth of information on the student’s work and academic success.

A smart technique to demonstrate the person’s qualifications is to include mention your interaction with the pupils and provide examples of how they have achieved.

5. Summary

Give a succinct explanation of your reasons for endorsing the individual. Mention how strongly you recommend the individual, that you “recommend without hesitation,” or a phrase to that effect.

6. Conclusion

Let the reader know how to get in touch with you (by phone, email, etc.) for a follow-up discussion and make an offer to provide further details.

7. Letter Closing

End your letter with a formal letter closing and your name and title. If you are mailing a printed letter, include your signature underneath your typed name:


Signature (for hard copy letter)

Your Name

8. Email Recommendation Closing

If you’re sending an email, include your contact information in your signature:

Your Name




Tips on How to Write a Letter of Reference For University Students

How to Write a Recommendation Letter For a Student

Below are the tips on how to write a letter of recommendation for university students:

1. Inquire About the Student’s Academic History

You probably have a lot of students, so you might not always recall specifics about each one. Before you begin writing, it’s a good idea to request some pertinent information from the student.

2. Include the School Name and Program in Your Address Correctly

Students frequently submit applications for many programs at once. When drafting the letter of recommendation, pay attention to the names.

3. Tailor the Letter of Recommendation for the Programme

Read over the webpage for the program before drafting the recommendation letter, then make sure to highlight the student’s best qualities.

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