December 8, 2023

How to Use Roku TV Without Remote and Wifi: A Roku TV requires an internet connection in order to deliver video, making it one of the most well-liked streamers available. Another important component that enhances the Roku user experience is the remote, but what happens if you lose both your Wi-Fi and your remote at the same time?

How to Use Roku TV Without Remote and Wifi

By connecting your Roku to your phone’s cellular hotspot, you may use it without remote control or Wi-Fi. After that, configure your phone’s Roku mobile app to operate the Roku device.

Using Roku TV Without Wi-Fi

If you are wondering whether you could use your Roku without Wi-Fi, you’ll be surprised to know that some ways would still allow you to enjoy content on your Roku if there is no Wi-Fi.

Turn on Mobile Hotspot

If you have a 4G or 5G phone data plan, there are other ways to access the Internet besides your wired connection, and you may use them to play content on your Roku devices.

Be warned that if you let your Roku stream and download at the maximum quality settings while using your phone as a hotspot, you may eat up a significant amount of your hotspot allocation in data.

To connect your phone’s hotspot to your Roku:

1. Verify in the settings menu of your phone that the phone hotspot is activated.

2. Select Home on your Roku remote and press it.

3. Navigate to Network > Settings.

4. Select Wireless under Set up connection.

5. Choose the hotspot on your phone from the list of available access points.

6. Enter the password and select Connect.

Once the Roku finishes getting connected, you can use the device like before when you had Wi-Fi, but speeds can fluctuate since you are now on a mobile data network.

Keep an eye on data usage with a utility like Glasswire so that you’ll know how much data your Roku is using.

Mirror From Your Phone

You can mirror your phone to your TV and see any downloaded content if you don’t have internet access but still have access to your Wi-Fi network.

Although you can also do this by using a mobile hotspot, watching on Roku would be preferable because doing so already provides you access to the internet.

Regardless of whether you can access the internet with that connection, you must verify that the Roku and the phone are linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

The majority of devices you might possess are covered and can be cast to your Roku because AirPlay and Chromecast are supported by Roku. As shown below:

1. Start playing any content on your phone, then hit the Cast symbol on the player controls to send it to your Roku.

2. To cast the content to your TV, select your Roku from the list of devices that appear and tap it.

3. Launch the screen mirroring app on your phone, such as Smart View for Samsung smartphones, and choose your Roku TV to mirror your screen.

4. Play the content on your iPhone or iPad and check the player controls for the AirPlay logo.

5. Pick the Roku from the list by tapping it.

Screen mirroring is not supported by AirPlay; it only supports casting.

While Chromecast does support this feature, it isn’t supported on some Roku streaming devices, specifically the Roku Express 3700 and the Roku Express+ 3710.

It is also only supported on the HDMI output for the Roku Express+ 3910.

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Connect a Computer

Additionally, you may use your Roku TV as a second screen for your computer by connecting your laptop or desktop to it.

This only functions if your Roku TV includes an HDMI input port, such as those made by TCL.

Since streaming devices lack a display of their own and are unable to receive an HDMI signal, they are incompatible.

Get a Belkin HDMI cable, then attach one end to your PC and the other to your Roku TV.

Change the TV’s inputs to the HDMI port where your computer is connected, then start playing the content there to see it on the large screen.

For Roku Streaming devices, computers can use the built-in cast function in the Google Chrome browser that lets you cast to any Chromecast-supported device.

Play some content and click the three dots menu on the top right of the browser. Click Cast and then select your Roku TV from the list of devices.

Using Roku TV Without Remote

Unlike losing internet access, losing your remote won’t be that restrictive on what you can do with your Roku device.

Replacing your remote is pretty easy, so choose any of the methods that I will discuss in the following sections.

Set Up the Roku App

Roku has an app for your mobile phones to control your Roku devices without your remote.

To set up the app with your phone, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure your Roku and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi network. It can be the network that your router has created or your phone’s hotspot.

2. Install the app from your phone’s app store.

3. Launch the app after it installs.

4. Go through the initial setup process.

5. Select Devices once you reach the home screen of the app.

6. The app will find your Roku automatically, so tap it from the list to select it.

7. After the app finishes connecting, tap the Remote icon on the home screen to start controlling your TV.

Order a Replacement Remote

Another possible option is to order a replacement remote for your Roku TV.

You only need to pair the remote to the Roku once you get the remote to start using it.

You can also get a universal remote like the SofaBaton U1 that’s compatible with Roku devices that can also control devices other than your Roku.

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Contact Support

Contacting Roku support would be a great place to start if you are having trouble connecting your Roku to Wi-Fi or if your remote needs to be changed.

If your Roku is the only device you have that is having connectivity issues, they can walk you through a couple more ways to solve it.

If your internet has been down for a few hours, get in touch with your ISP to find out why.

In conclusion: Try purchasing a new Roku remote to resolve other issues with your current one, such as the volume key not functioning or the remote not pairing.

Even without a remote, you can still do troubleshooting steps like resetting your Roku. The Roku mobile app is all that is required.

The only need for casting to your Roku is that both devices must be connected to the same local network.

If you’ve lost internet connectivity but still have offline content on your other devices that you can watch, this is a great alternative.

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