How to Share Data on Airtel: Airtel users now have the option to share data, purchase data, and send MB from one user to another. Do you use Airtel and have extra data you could give to relatives and friends or loved ones? If yes, keep reading through the article.

How to Share Data on Airtel

How to Share Data on Airtel

One of the top service providers in Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, has made it easy for you to give your data to family members and friends who also use the Airtel network.

Do you know the benefit of being able to share your info with your relatives and friends without concern by just pressing a few codes?

This has no range restriction, in contrast to hotspots, which require you to be near the person with whom you are exchanging data.

Customers may transfer data from their remaining data allotment to another Airtel user via the Airtel Data Me2U, popularly known as Data Share.

From the data allotment of a data plan that has already been purchased, you can “share” or “transfer.”

If you have a 1.5GB Monthly plan, for instance, you can transfer up to 200MB to another client. Fortunately, the recipient or receiver might simply be another Airtel client, such as a friend, family member, or another device.

All Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid account holders have access to it. The original data’s validity will not be affected by the shared data’s expiration date.

This implies that if your buddy purchased an Airtel 1GB plan on January 1 and you share some of that data, both of your subscriptions will expire on February 1 (you as the receiver).

How to Share Data on Airtel via SMS

Airtel provides options to customers who prefer to carry out sharing data without the internet by using the SMS method. Follow the steps below for the easy sharing of data:

1. Fill up your Airtel data and check the remaining data.

2. Access your message box.

3. Text “SHARE” to 121.

4. Airtel will send you a message.

5. Instructions will be delivered;

6. You must heed them. “SMS ADD” SPACE> Airtel Mobile Number> to 121;

7. A confirmation message for sharing Airtel Data Balance will be requested;

8. Choose “1” for confirmation; 9. You may then share your Airtel Data Balance with that specific number;

9. Share your Airtel data balance till you decide to stop.

How to Share Data on Airtel Via the Internet

If you want to share via the Internet, just charge up your mobile phone with 3G or 4G packs.

1. Always keep your subscription active and check your Airtel Data Balance by calling *123*11#.

2. Following your confirmation that you have enough MB on your Airtel Data Balance.

3. Look up Airtel on the internet. Search for “”

4. Enter your cellphone number; type in either a one-time password that will be supplied to you through SMS or your created Airtel pin (Password).

5. However, enter the phone number of the recipient to whom you want to send your shared Airtel Data Balance, and then double-check the recipient’s number.

6. Add four Airtel numbers after that.

7. Once you have successfully added friends, family, or coworkers to share your Airtel Data, an SMS will be issued to you.

Steps on How to Buy Data for Airtel Line

1. Dial *141# on your phone and reply.

2. Choose option 6 (Gifting or Me2U) and reply.

3. Choose option 2 (Data gifting)

4. Select the plan you’d like to gift (weekly/daily bundles, monthly bundles, and MegaPacks) and reply.

5. Select the main plan under each bundle.

6. Enter the recipient’s phone number.


How to Generate Pin for Sharing of Airtel Data

To prevent data sharing/gifting, it is possible to create a pin for your Airtel data sharing bundle in a straightforward manner.

The instructions for creating a pin for your phone’s data transmission and security are provided below.

You must update your default pin to a different pin the first time you access your Data Sharing or Gifting. It serves to prevent someone from distributing a data bundle without your permission.

The selected pin will stop someone from using your Airtel data package without your permission.

How to Change Airtel Transfer Pin

In order to change your Airtel transfer pin, follow the below steps:

1. Dial *141# from your Airtel line.

2. Choose option 6 (Data gifting and sharing) and reply.

3. Choose option 1 (Change PIN – Default PIN -1234) and reply.

4. Enter Old PIN – former pin or default pin and reply.

5. Enter New PIN – A four-digit number that can be easily remembered and reply.

6. Confirm New PIN – Enter the new pin again to confirm and reply.

7. You will receive a successful message.

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