How to See Who Liked your Tiktok: By picking a video on your profile page in the mobile app, you may see who liked your TikTok. The Likes tab of the comments section lists every like for the video. On a computer, the notification inbox for all of your videos’ likes is combined.

How to See Who Liked your Tiktok on Phones and PC


It’s rewarding to see engagement for videos that you publish, whether you consider yourself a professional TikTok content creator or just love posting videos of your cat for friends and family.

But from whom and how much exactly are you receiving? The Like button on the right side of your video lets you know how simple the question is to answer.

But knowing exactly who liked your TikTok is a bit more elusive. In this article, you will learn how to know who has liked your videos.

What is Tiktok?

The social media site TikTok features a distinctive algorithm. The quantity of likes you receive is influenced by your content and the viewership of your video.

The algorithm ensures that each person’s “For You Page” is distinct. According to the information TikTok has gathered about the user, it only displays the videos that they could find interesting.

Thus, the number of followers you have will influence both how well your video fits into the algorithm and how many likes you receive.

How to See who Liked your TikTok

On Mobile Device:

Whether you use TikTok on iPhone or Android, the steps to seeing who has liked your videos are the same.

1. Open the TikTok app, then tap the Profile icon in the lower right corner.

2. Tap the video you want to learn more about on your profile page.

3. On the right side of the screen, tap the Comments symbol.

4. You ought to review all the remarks that viewers have left on your film. Tap Likes at the top of the comments.

You may now see every person who has liked your video from a new perspective. You can tap any user to view their profile page or follow them by tapping the Follow back button.


How to see Who Liked your TikTok

On a Computer:

On the mobile app, you can see exactly who liked each of your movies, but using TikTok on a web browser or the desktop software on a computer makes it a little more difficult to tell who loved your films.

This is due to TikTok not including a Likes tab in the computer’s Comments view. You must instead scroll through your inbox for alerts.

1. Launch the TikTok app or web browser on your computer.

2. Select the Inbox icon located above the account symbol in the upper right corner.

3. Press “Likes.”

You may now view all the users who have liked your videos by scrolling through your likes. Unfortunately, this is just a list of all the videos you’ve liked; it’s not sorted or grouped by particular videos. You may still view every individual who has liked your article.

In conclusion, keep an eye on your notification tab, which you can get by selecting the “Inbox” icon at the bottom of the screen when you first start the program, is the easiest method to know who has been loving your TikToks

The main drawback to this is that all of your notifications are muddled together, which can make it challenging to quickly determine who has liked a certain video.

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