December 7, 2023

How to Screenshot on PS4: It’s no news that it is possible to take a screenshot on PS4. If you still don’t know how it is done this article is all you need as it will show you how to screenshot PS4.

How to Screenshot on PS4

Whatever your reason for needing to take a screenshot of your PlayStation 4 games, you’re in luck, because capturing and sharing your play is essential to modern gaming.

With simple functionality built right into the PS4 out of the box. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to take a screenshot on the PlayStation 4. 

How to Take a Screenshot

The first step, taking a screenshot, is about as simple as it gets. A Share button is located to the left of the touchpad on your DualShock controller, and you can use it to capture images and video at any time, whether you’re playing a game or navigating the menus.

Hold down the Share button to take and save a screenshot of whatever was on your screen when you pressed it. Alternatively, pressing and immediately releasing the Share button will pause the action and display the Share menu.

From there, you can save a screenshot by pressing Triangle, or you can choose Share Screenshot (highlighted below) to send your image directly to your PSN activity feed and social media. 

How to Share a Screenshot

To immediately share an image from the game, press the Share button once to pause the game and bring up the overlay.

Select Screenshot and press X to be presented with a list of channels through which you can share your content.

When you first share a screenshot via an external social network, such as Facebook or Twitter, you will be prompted to enter your login information.

Otherwise, you’re free to share whenever you want in PlayStation’s own Activities feed, direct messages to your friends, or Communities to which you’re already a member. 

How to Save a Screenshot

On the other hand, if you need to share screenshots later, you can do so directly from the Capture Gallery, which you can access at any time by pressing the PS button and scrolling through the Home menu.

Your media files are automatically organized into screenshots and videos, with folders within those file types separating them by game.

Find the screenshot you want to share and click the Share button. When you do this, you should see the same options for available channels that you did before. 

How to Export to a USB Device

If you only need the original image files as JPGs, you can save and export them using a USB storage tool. We should point out that the PS4 will only support exFAT and FAT32 formatted devices.

While your USB device is still plugged in, select Capture Gallery from the Home menu. Locate the files you want to share and press the Options button.

From here, a menu will appear on the right side of the page with the option Copy to USB Storage Device. Highlight this with your cursor and press X to select as many screenshots as you want to export in bulk to your plugged-in device.

The export method is simple and quick, and your content will be organized in the folders PS4 > Share > Screenshots on your hard drive. They will then be organized again by games.

That is it for how to screenshot PS4. You can even do more like sharing and saving as are in this article so the next time you happen to win a friend playing PS4, you can easily screenshot and have a record of the win.

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