How to Remove Popsocket: One of the many hot gadgets to emerge is the popsocket, and for good reason. If you have one, you are aware of how enjoyable it is to use.

How to Remove Popsocket

When a popsocket is connected to your phone or tablet, you may adjust the top by pulling it in and out.

You might eventually want to transfer your pop socket to a different location, though. This is pretty simple to do. Simply tuck your fingernails under the base and give it a little tug.

What Are PopSockets Used For?

For your mobile device, a PopSocket primarily serves as a support and a grip. The tiny device is very useful for texting, watching films, and even shooting selfies.

A PopSocket is an essential piece of mobile equipment because of its advantages. See all the applications for a PopSocket here:

1. Video Stand

A PopSocket will precisely support your mobile device so you can watch movies or your favorite YouTubers while not using your hands!

2. Video Chat

A PopSocket can support your phone so that it is upright as you FaceTime your mother or catch up with friends.

3. String Wrap

Nothing is more inconvenient than needing to untangle your audio or charging wires to use them. Wrapping your cables around a PopSocket can save you the headache!

4. Photo Grip and Texting

Selfies and texting are typically done with one hand. With a PopSocket, you can hold your phone firmly in one hand without being concerned about dropping it.

5. Camera Security

A PopSocket that is compressed extends just a little bit from the rear of your phone. Your phone can now be placed face-up without worrying about damaging the camera lens.

No matter how you use your PopSocket, you can rest easy knowing that you have a firm hold on your phone.

How to Remove a Sticky PopSocket

PopSockets are fantastic for holding a smartphone in one hand while you communicate with the other, but you must remove them from your existing device if you get a new case or upgrade your phone and want to preserve your PopSocket.

Its design makes the adhesive gel that adheres to your phone or case reusable and residue-free. To remove the PopSocket, follow these instructions:

1. Fold the PopSocket down against your smartphone so that it is flat.

2. Squeeze the PopSocket free of the machine. As you lift the disk, move your fingernail,  spudger, or another instrument below and all around it.

3. Gently tug on the PopSocket until it releases from the gadget.

4. Move the PopSocket to another device, a case, or a different location on the current device while the gel is still tacky.

5. Now that the phone is tidy and PopSocket-free, you can apply a new case, put it back in your back pocket, or attach the PopSocket to your next gadget.

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How to Unplug a PopSocket MagSafe

Wireless chargers are not hindered by the new MagSafe PopSocket, which is attached to a ring of magnets on the back of the iPhone 12 and later.

A MagSafe PopSocket is simpler to take out than a sticky one. It may be lifted, moved, or completely removed whenever you wish because it is magnetically attached to the phone case.

The magnetic connection isn’t as robust as the sticky connection, which is the only drawback.

Can a PopSocket Be Reused?

A PopSocket can be used again. Make sure to place a PopSocket on a solid, level surface while not in use to prevent the adhesive gel from drying out.

A PopSocket you aren’t using can be stuck to a mirror, an old phone case, or even your wall so you can hang jewelry from it!

Even if you choose not to attach a PopSocket to a mobile device, many other methods exist to reuse it.

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