How to Link NIN to MTN: The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has ordered all Nigerians to connect their National Identity Number (NIN) to their respective SIM cards or risk service termination from network providers.

Easy Ways on How to Link NIN to MTN


Following the NCC’s direction, Nigeria’s major network providers (MTN Users) issued simple and quick measures for users to connect their National Identity Number (NIN) to their Number.

Linking Your NIN to MTN

If you don’t want your SIM card to be banned, use these instructions to connect your NIN to your MTN line.

This is critical in light of the Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) instruction to Nigerian telecommunications companies to prohibit SIM cards that are not linked to a NIN.

To avoid blocking, MTN published a USSD code and URL on its official Twitter page, allowing users to simply link their line to their NIN as recommended by the NCC.

If you’ve misplaced the printout of your NIN provided by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), there is a free option to obtain your 11-digit NIN.

How to Link NIN to Your MTN Line

MTN was the first to get the ball moving with a tweet that indicated it could be done on a mobile phone, laptop, or any data-enabled device.

On MTN, there are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Via MTN-NIM Portal
  • Using a USSD Code

To use the MTN web portal to connect your phone number with your NIN, you will need your First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Phone Number, National Identity Number, and Email address.

1. Copy and paste the official registration link into your web browser.

2. Complete the above-mentioned prerequisites.

3. Click the submit button.

4. An OTP will be given to your MTN phone number.

5. Enter the OTP and click the confirm button.


Link NIN to MTN Sim Card Via USSD Code

Don’t worry if you don’t have an internet-enabled device; you may link your NIN to your phone number by dialing *785*NIN#. Your NIN data will be uploaded to MTN immediately.

Have you connected your MTN service to your NIN? You may also read our tutorial on how to link NIN to Airtel SIM cards.

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